billions of people in world you had to pick me as your only friend ever to torture

unless that’s a lie too so good at being mean

hate you, hate you,hate you more everyday

most unspeakably mentally cruel person ever met

playing with person’s mind

you hurt my heart make it beat too fast too sleep

you make me sick you make me cry eyes swollen

you make me miserable

you burn my heart throat

why did you have to speak to me

but the worst part

you keep me awake trying to understand what you are

whatever it is is bad

evil one second sweet the next

terrible nightmare will never ever end

gets worse every day don’t understand you anymore

hate you never have another chance to hurt my feelings again
every time i come back think you make up for terrible

things you say you make it so much worse let me think

horrible things that probably aren’t even true

i tried to be friend every day so you could have one no matter how much you made me confused and miserable and all i get is pain
all you do is turn from sweet to pain and a monster

thirsty bluebird swim with me

blackbird on dish
giving a piece of his mind
sounds like morse code.
bluebird lands on rope
takes six sips of chlorine
i say nooo each time

you have a shower
sprinklers puddles and spicket
why must you do this.
I’m a little Blackbird looking for a Bluebird

“Never had no happiness
no fun caress all over
east to west ”

” Blue as anyone
can be clouds all i ever
see sun forsakes ”


bluebird sipping cement pond
can’t be the same one

born to be alive
his fat head under each time
he’s hard of tasting

same satellite dish
you are the same silly bird
loves radiation.

” the apocalypse
oh i’m radioactive
feel it in my bones ”