jim cramer breaking out

Breaking Out

“win at their backs now

jp morgan breaking out

it’s a great story”.

“breaking out” laura branigan

“never looking back

take a chance and risk it all

leave it all behind”.

“breaking out” the prontomen

“there’s no time to lose

breaking out of here tonight

no time for goodbyes”.


cramer carnival cruise haiku

” jim cramer’s penalty box”
“carnival cruise lines

they’re in the penalty box

keep having problems”.

“my penalty box”

one in one million

people going overboard

never being found.
by 2005 when george smith was murdered,11 million were expected to go on cruises and 11 people were expected to disappear in the sea.

jazz haiku
” between the devil and the deep blue sea”

“got me in between

the devil and the deep blue sea

i sure can’t lose you”.

jim cramer’s ishkabibbel cat haiku

Ish Kabibbel Cat
he didn’t pay dividends
needed attention.

found a loving home
with family who has time
meeting kitty needs.

kitty pyramid
self actualization
cat nip for the mind.

(later update from
Ish Kabibbel Cat after
story went to bed):

visits cramer kin
rosh hoshannah yom kippur
leading a dog’s life.