is it morning yet

but how do you know
when you don’t get enough sleep
no one asked did they

1 wake up to find that
the water you boiled last night
still warm on the stove

2 fall asleep at four am
but when you wake up
it’s still dark outside

3 the same movie you
were watching when you fell asleep
isn’t over

4 you are watching
george and gracie from three a m
until four a m

5 you eat celery
because calcium is supposed
to help you sleep

6. valerian root
didn’t help in eighties
nor tranquilizer now

why would celery?
jack lalanne said that it did
came with my juicer

five wasted hours
thirty five hours each week
do not do the math

at this very second , a short summer intermission

someone is telling a stranger they are mesmerizing
someone is telling the person they love they never want to see their picture again
someone is giving birth
a serial killer is stalking his next victim
someone is laughing
someone just died
someone is eating sweet and sour chicken
someone is crying
someone just asked his love to marry him
someone is being raped
someone lost their house
someone just won a lottery
someone is sleeping in the street
someone is recording a hit
someone has a broken arm
men are throwing footballs in the surf
a bird is flying under the clouds
a plane may be crashing
someone is flying high on drugs
someone is flying a kite
someone is on vacation in st. thomas
someone is under rubble from an earthquake
someone is thirsty
another is an alcoholic
someone is watching a horror movie
someone is truly afraid of reality
someone just died in a car wreck
someone was just given their driver’s permit


Right Now / Van Halen

“what are you waitin for
oh yeah right now it’s your
tomorrow right now ”

thank-you cutter

muses in waiting

forty and fifty eight
neither can take me to
chinese restaurant

placemats say they
are my mortal enemies
multiples of six

one muse hates math
both in different time zones
keep me company

from seven in the
morning until two am
two swell guys

one called bitter
other loves painting, poetry
writing ,dogs.