misty croslin cummings croslin 2014

depraved drug kingpin
dealing rearview mirror school
Honeybun Croslin

full life by eighteen
babysitting at seventeen
stepmom eighteen

months in between lies
missing murder haleigh drugs
lying to police

did i mention lies
DISNEY marriage and divorce
every single day

undercover cop
buyer riding in your car
off to jail you go

twenty five years
honey buns braiding hair missing
lying to cops

can’t wait for the day
you are charged with murder
feel it in your bones


“On the prison bus
breathing in the chemicals
feel it in your bones”

“mean i’ve had a rough
day at work but i don’t get
to go to Disney”
Nancy Grace CNN 10/5/09

she had a rough year
misplacing a child from bed
fed alligators

lied hourly
sold drugs to undercover
bought sold AND swallowed

having now twenty five
years to learn the difference
between come and came

if i had a nickel
every time you said i come home

this haiku with nancy grace
radioactive song .

commercials: misty croslin needed a few

a time to think about something else, worry about what you need to do, brush your teeth, get a glass of water, see what’s on another channel. there are endless possibilities.what i love about commercials is they allow you to do something else.i like target commercials and the ones on antenna tv and ME tv.never have i seen these anywhere else, but you have people like bob newhart, mary tyler moore ,betty white, the little boys from the riflrman and donna reed at the age they are today saying watch me on ME and then they show the show 30 or 40 years ago. then you have sad commercials with the fonz and i dream of jeannie selling i don’t know insurance or reverse mortgages or something like that.time for a glass of water. why aren’t they in movies ? the last time i saw the fonz , he was on “numbers”.
really do not care for the ants in your pants commercial or the one, in s.c. where some government official is saying sorry if you are not 18, you can’t play the lotto:it’s the law. the government is paying money for this? that’s the most important thing you can think of to tell a teenager?how about don’t set your boyfriend or girlfriend’s apartment on fire, when you get mad at him.someone did that here yesterday. the ants in your pants commercial had been on a million times, before i realized it was about brushing teeth.so parents don’t know how to teach their children to brush their teeth? by the time a child understands the commercial ,if he doesn’t know ,he wouldn’t have any teeth left.why don’t they have classes in high school about raising chldren, so they don’t grow up to be scott peterson or misty croslin or ahmadinejad?
if someone had taught hank and lisa croslin not to leave their drugs around their children, to watch them, so they would be safe and things like this,the entire family would not be in or have been in jail, and also not stealing and buying drugs.maybe their daughter would not have been caught being the drug kingpin ,(at 18 & you know she was at 17, but they had to wait until she was an adult) and in a car that just happened to be in front of a school.and that isn’t even the worst she has done.perhaps she wouldn’t lie to police for years or i believe murdered haleigh.
why not instead have commercials saying don’t hit children.don’t let your dog go in the street or better yet instead of commercials spend the money on buying food for people who are starving and shelter.
i don’t really know these are being paid for by the government:maybe i’m being roseanne rosannadanna, but that’s what it looked like.if so, never mind.

Croslin or make believe

why do i keep thinking about misty croslin. last night on Shameless there was a scene where the mother and father were sitting on a sofa, with three of their children between them,, passing drugs back and forth to each other. it suddenly hit me this could have been hank and lisa croslin.

this isn’t the only scene that reminds me of the croslins: it just took that long to figure out.shameless isn’t even as bad as a croslin. last night the mother took her  too young son to join the army.remember when lisa and her son went to the blind man’s house in the middle of the night & asked to use his phone, but went there to steal his gun and checks.