cramer carnival cruise haiku

” jim cramer’s penalty box”
“carnival cruise lines

they’re in the penalty box

keep having problems”.

“my penalty box”

one in one million

people going overboard

never being found.
by 2005 when george smith was murdered,11 million were expected to go on cruises and 11 people were expected to disappear in the sea.

jazz haiku
” between the devil and the deep blue sea”

“got me in between

the devil and the deep blue sea

i sure can’t lose you”.

Is this a rule

“I’m not Aaron haiku ”

real men don’t eat quiche

therefore i must be a girl

don’t call me Aaron.

“salt peanuts” jazz

i searched for the lyrics of salt peanuts, like a nut. i knew the words: they are ” “salt peanuts, salt peanuts,” “, “”, ” “.

a real jazz haiku
“Murder He Says”

by Jimmy McHugh and Frank Loesser 1942
“talk plainer than that

murder the language of love

every time we kiss”.

live and let die part I

why is it, when there’s a massacre, you always see people placing 20 crosses for 20 people where it happened? why do they assume each person is christian or not care and think their belief is the only right way and they will only go to heaven if they convert you.well i know the answer,i have heard baptist preachers preach this.the person is dead they cannot do anything about this. but they may be jewish, muslim, atheist, budhist…….have some respect. if you cared about them you would find out what religion they were and place that symbol or none at all, but you only care about you, and i realize i am only talking to maybe 2,000 people in the world and not anyone reading this, but if someone kills me and you put a cross at my demise ,i will come back and kill you.i have to put up with people trying to convert me ,almost daily while i’m alive.i will not put up with this in death.

do not pretend to be my friend for 15 years and then come try to take me to church to be healed one day because drs haven’t helped. most of my friends are baptist and 7 have fathers who are ministers.they never tried to convert me.

do not email me and try to convert me to bob jonesism, when the first thing i said to you was millions of people from bob jones have tried since i was old enough to talk and you tell me that was not your intention.because you are no better than the lied to me. you always try to take advantage of people who are ill or weak, exactly what the sociopath does.

why can’t you just let me honor my mother and father and you do the same. have you heard of the 10 commandments? i will fight you to the death on this one and you will never ever win.

jesse brandon davis two life sentences

we are the champ i

ons my friend and we’ll keep on

fighting til the end.


i just realized the father of jesse brandon davis was thumbing his nose at law enforcement,with this song, ( & it’s a haiku). he knows they listen.and he was saying we criminals (son) will do whatever we want, murder and play games with laws. you can’t catch us.
three out of 4 psychiatrists wanted to declare davis incompetent until they listened to these four jail house calls and probably chewed trident gum.only one knew it was an act to beging with….
in a suprise move, by nov 2nd jesse pleaded guilty to murdering teens jeremy stewart and nicholas presha execution style. you don’t murder a former DA’s son.he also pleaded guilty to shooting donovan dirocco. dirocco was shot 6 times and couldn’t tell police who shot him, although i don’t understand why the witnesses couldn’t. yes, i do everyone in orlando was afraid of davis. what is in the orlando water. this guy is worse than casey anthony.

psychopath phone calls

incompetent are our laws

you competent fool.

phone calls did you in

murdering never again

mr competent.


what is in your mother’s purse

something illegal.


the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.every third word out of patricia hall’s mouth is a curse word and her son , jesse brandon davis also and the same curse word. she seemed so beaten and soft spoken,in her news interviews going on at the same time as these jail house phone calls.she is no stranger to the system.she knows what’s what.she apparently has read many warrants in her day. she told jesse davis that he isn’t getting bail. she knows defense attorneys and public defenders and which one she likes and wants for him.the most disgusting thing about patricia ‘s comments ;it is very clear she hates the police; they are trying to pin this on her son.they only care about this, because it is a high profile murder.i wouldn’t be suprised if he is the way he is because of his mother.she thinks  it’s alright for her son to…

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what i learned in orlando

1. writing on the sidewalk in chalk is punishable by jail, (timothy osmar june 8th and 10th 2012) but not many other things…

2.if you are a woman ,skydiving on sunday is illegal.

3.the pizza mafia is no farther than a step away from your hotel room door, almost every day. have to try to always think/ stay one step ahead of sociopaths.if you find a missing child ,call police, don’t take him to the address he gives you (7/26/12).

5. many family vacations were ruined by murder and one electrocution.

6.most of the missing wives and people on HLN are from this area
because that’s where it happens. to speak russian

8.if you feed an alligator and he takes your hand ,you will go to jail,( wally weatherholt 7/30/12) but people who murder are running around.

9.people like casey anthony are allowed to adopt dogs, but not people like ellie mae clampett if they are not local.

10.people are thrown out of hotel lobbies if they are not a guest,are at starbucks, or they appear not to have money, but they can’t get rid of the pizza flyer criminals.

Jesse Davis failure of the system

Jesse Davis was arrested april 17th  and has been named as the first suspect in the murders of Nicholas Presha and Jeremy Stewart , but he hasn’t been arrested for murder yet. he was arrested for shooting Donovan Dirocco 6 times, robbing and beating him also.this happened several months ago. a cab driver was a witness and other witnesses would not speak to police. is it because they were afraid of Davis, his gang friends or were they gang members?

Dirocco could not speak, and he was critical.. “three days before the murders , police learned Dirocco had had a tracheotomy,  and could now speak. he  also was able to pick Davis   out of a photo lineup” according to wftv.Bill Schaeffer , defense attorney,said this wasn’t a failure in the system.Really?then why am i writing day after day after day about people exactly like this guy running around, who was arrested 6 times for drugs, 11 times for robbery, 7 times for battery and assault and there are other arrests,also.he should have been in prison long before he shot Dirocco 6 times, but we don’t have enough prisons, and the laws are made for the criminals .the crisis center wouldn’t keep him a week , before these murders.and if he killed these two boys , that is another failure in the system.are they afraid of him? there is a lot of talk about his mental illnes. today they say he also was schizophrenic. i can see the trial now, if there is a trial, and he is found guilty,. he will be sent to a mental facility, who will let him out to kill again.what do you have to do to be locked up for, besides writing on the sidewalk in chalk , here?

Daniel Porter arrested in Jerry Perdomo missing firefighter case

A few minutes ago, police arrested daniel porter at the home ,his father lives at, owned by the next door neighbor.Porter came out of the house in handcuffs.a reporter asked porter if he would like to say anything and porter said that he ” did not have time”.

Dive teams and dogs have been searching a pond,in the area.carpet from the home ,was taken for analysis.