central synanogue , martin luther king, rabbi saperstein

Central Synagogue

it’s the jewish Glee
singing brings such happiness
always soul music

you haven’t lived
until you hear Neshama
band and green pastures
Neshama was grammy nominated and her father was an orthodox rabbi & composer of possibly five thousand songs. i never know what will happen next at central synagogue . they are firsts in everything. Rabbi Angela Buchdahl is the first asian american female ordained rabbi (2001) and cantor (1999).

both cantors ,Julia Katz and Rabbi Buchdahl, have the most beautiful voices you have ever heard.

someone made a joke about how getting jews to clap on two & four was an accomplishment, march 14th, by Reverend Roger Hambrick’s choir. i’ve never had that problem as a musician ,although clapping on shabbos by a conservative
is also an accomplishment.it wasn’t dark since the time changed. i doubt if anyone reading this knows what i’m saying at this point, but i am very thankful to be able to have you friday and saturday, because there is no such thing as conservative or orthodox streaming on shabbos.
one week it’s Martin Luther King shabbos.the next you may sing adon alom to a seventies sitcom song.my favorite is ya lalalala lo cho do di! and now jewish & baptist religions unite in song and a gospel choir sings
in hebrew. such wonderful music. there would be no war if everyone could pray or sing together.

Rabbi David Saperstein spoke in haiku on the night he visited:

“We Must Not Be Too Late”

“for arab and israeli
women who have lost
too many children”

“for children who don’t
have enough to eat in this
country of ours”

“for fifty year olds
who cannot find jobs
in this economy”

“for homeless on the
street for millions in poverty
in this country”

are you home conch ku

conch shells everywhere
one belongs ancient egypt
genie sculptured

alluring tiny
seashells purple figurines
pink gray black carvings

black conch so heavy
someone must be home inside
back bluest ocean

abort teensy scream
man saying another
animal attached

liquid ink spraying
wouldn’t hurt you little one
deepen inside sand

had he been a skunk
inquiring if anyone
has a V8

Tonight’s the Night PYRAMID Haiku

don’t let them find you

rod stewart or pyramids

go out back door fast.

tonight is the night

pyramids out in full force

it will be alright.

actually rod is ok:
“Tonight’s the Night”

“away from WINDOW

secret’s about to unfold

before night’s too old”.

fortune cookies

Fortune Cookies:
three days ago i put all the silly myrtle beach fortunes away.then i found a new one, i didn’t understand. it said the day you learn to laugh at yourself, you will grow up.an hour later , maryanne read this . i burst out laughing, even though it was not meant to be funny. i was very angry , when i wrote this last july, but i understand why charmaine is always laughing at me, now and understand myrtle beach fortune cookies.


Shame on you mitt romney for pretending hillary is backing you .shame on you  for thinking floridians are stupid.shame on you for using a 2008 clip of clinton running for president  and misleading americans.shame on you for calling other people names that you obviously are,or you would not be using fake clips. shame on you for approving the message.shame on you mostly for driving, with your dog on top of the car ,during a long trip for your vacation.and shame on anyone who would have given you a dog and shame on anyone who would give you a dog in the future. and thank-you david letterman .

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great valentine moo shu massacre

cellophane wrapped

pancake rolling over and

twisted jellyroll.

endless unwrapping

contort unsculpt tear shred rip

thirty two minutes.

pull warrior

translucent holes agonizing

five becoming one.

last week’s promises

never ordering again

delicious extremes.

too true haiku two

(the haiku whisperer)


the haiku whisperer

faintest voice laryngitis.

(BOLO 1 million $)

christopher dorner

“bounty on his head and a

posse on his tail”.

haiku on the news.in orange county california, much like orange county florida there are sociopathic police officers. dorner is accused of murdering 3 and has a manifesto, in which he plans to murder dozens, of others . there is a one million dollar reward for his capture.

wednesday night in dixie

choking on kleenex

breathing in the fibers

only i could do that.

thought this was the end

no ambulance could reach me

in time, inhaler.

end of letterman

looking and sounding like elvis

i’m in heaven?

two days pass by

letterman says it’s elvis week

everything explained.

until next elvis

back up singer says “wishing

he were in dixie”.


african american wishing

“the land of cotton”.

(we are both in hell)?

jim cramer’s ishkabibbel cat haiku

Ish Kabibbel Cat
he didn’t pay dividends
needed attention.

found a loving home
with family who has time
meeting kitty needs.

kitty pyramid
self actualization
cat nip for the mind.

(later update from
Ish Kabibbel Cat after
story went to bed):

visits cramer kin
rosh hoshannah yom kippur
leading a dog’s life.

one among us: pyramid?

what to do..what to do…forgive me but 1 year and 4 days,since the avatar sociopaths ,minding my own business ,i accidentally came across another pyramid scheme here today. thank-you akismet , now i realize what you were protecting me from…i wish you would call olivia pope, but back to what to do.

maybe they aren’t the sociopaths , avatar are, kidnapping if you don’t pay , stealing your medicine making you run around poles for 9 hours , but they are taking advantage of good prople, by stealing their money. evil always seems to win. why i used the word seem, i don’t know. it was a fact.in my life, evil always won. if we get rid of the pyramid schemers they will come back with a new name. i knew that before i read this same statement.

in researching i found an answer to is this a pyramid scheme by the group itself is YES of course it is and be glad that it is…uhoh…they say the entire world is a pyramid scheme.ok now i am thinking ok, your monotone voices are already a clue of sociopathy and you spoke of taking your wife to a foreign land ,i thought tax evasion… admitting you are a pyramid scheme is brazen.i like the part when you remember you are supposed to look at the camera.ok, so you aren’t a charismatic sociopath.that means you scamed fewer people.

also found someone saying they are so good at marketing ,they get rid of all the bad things being said of them. i wonder if my words will disappear in a puff of smoke, even though i haven’t named them.

i don’t know if the person here is just unlucky to have stumbled onto this and wants us to join.actually i will not say what i think.