Cindy P. Anthony

you have such beautiful long red hair and stand 7’2″ ,90 pounds.

i am not going to say i don’t believe you are going to go lie in court again, because where do you think your psychopathic lying daughter learned to lie we cannot wait to hear the explanation of casey using zanaida ‘s NY license plate number.anyone who dares to cross you or your child , with the truth deserves to be called fat and ugly.

it’s hard to forget where you are, when Morgan and Morgan commercials are on tv every day.why are there not logical laws?if someone is accused of murder and they blame someone else, who they know did not commit the crime,you should go to jail period.that should be a crime.that’s what sociopaths do.they blame someone else and cause that person a lot of pain and waste the time of police, and money for searches, and even worse causes innocent people to go to jail or the electric chair..susan smith blames an african american man and then every modern day sociopath started doing that,joran van der sloot blamed others.,casey anthony,scott peterson……casey also blamed her father , when he realized the truth,and the person, who found the body.

it sometimes takes years to catch the murderer and then somtimes they are not convicted, but they would be in jail for wrongly blaming others.police would have less wasted time searching,more money and maybe the crimes would even be solved faster.and defense attorney’s might even have fewer innocent people to blame.

Jerry Perdomo 31,missing firefighter

Florida orange city firefighter is missing from Bangor  Maine. he went to visit a friend and never returned to florida. police found his abandoned car, at a walmart.Jerry Perdomo is 5’11’ , 200 pounds, black hair,  and has brown eyes.his wife reported him missing when he didn’t return to work. no one has seen him, in a week.this is the 3rd   walmart crime, this month, involving floridians, on tv news.

why are there so many crimes at walmart, when they have cameras day there will probably be cameras over the entire country .will that stop crime.instead of just fingerprints, maybe courts will be able to use cameras to see kidnappers take their prey into a house, a car, the woods…