blame the poor raccoon

“honey there’s a hole in the yard”
“probably a raccoon”
“no come look”.

next day two trees
disappeared into ground
they left.

” another one bites
the dust,another one
bites the dust”

(then the house
disappeared and the neighbors
were worried).

Florida hotel tales: today Loisisnett Garcia Rengel is missing

Another orlando mother is missing today.there was breaking news now. they show her picture so fast, you can’t even see her name. she was walking her children to school.i barely saw her first name and it was gone. it looked like loisisnet .you would think they would show her picture again at  the end of the news.she just went missing today, but nothing.why isn’t there a channel 24/7 that helps find missing and murdered  people and children and without all the acting  and including everyone, not just one person 10 hours straight. …and without all the medical examiner mishegas over and over, asking the ME what happens to the person,every week, every month, every 3 years, and pretending you don’t know the answer you have been asking for years, and asking in front of the deceased parent or child,what purpose does that serve? when i think about all the people who went missing during the two weeks of christmas reruns on an unnamed news network,..if you go missing in december you have even more problems, than going missing, if that’s possible, because weeks are wasted searching for you.

apparently michelle parker’s ex is still running around, with his children and without a care in the world, even though he has been the number 1 and only suspect since november 27.

earlier at an extended stay hotel,  home suite homes, in  orlando, a guest , raymond price stabbed another guest, a woman and slashed her neck. he was searching for her boyfriend, but decided to stab her. it was drug related.

Florida hotel tales

you can watch the same channels , who brought us casey anthony news,throughout the country,in your  universal hotel room.this week , there were criminals, who were supposed to protect us. i tried to find both stories on google, to see if they were in jail now and found nothing about the firefighter who was in a car accident and decided to slam the victims head into the hood of his car.he had not been fired friday.

then , there was a policeman who beat an older man so badly, they show it over and over again every day. instead of finding out if they fired him and he is in jail ,i find an entire page of other beatings, in the last year.

i guarantee , if i went parachuting today, i would be arrested, because it is apparently illegal for women to go parachuting , in florida, on sunday.