what i learned in orlando

1. writing on the sidewalk in chalk is punishable by jail, (timothy osmar june 8th and 10th 2012) but not many other things…

2.if you are a woman ,skydiving on sunday is illegal.

3.the pizza mafia is no farther than a step away from your hotel room door, almost every day.

4.you have to try to always think/ stay one step ahead of sociopaths.if you find a missing child ,call police, don’t take him to the address he gives you (7/26/12).

5. many family vacations were ruined by murder and one electrocution.

6.most of the missing wives and people on HLN are from this area
because that’s where it happens.

7.how to speak russian

8.if you feed an alligator and he takes your hand ,you will go to jail,( wally weatherholt 7/30/12) but people who murder are running around.

9.people like casey anthony are allowed to adopt dogs, but not people like ellie mae clampett if they are not local.

10.people are thrown out of hotel lobbies if they are not a guest,are at starbucks, or they appear not to have money, but they can’t get rid of the pizza flyer criminals.

Florida hotel tales of pizza criminals

we called the police after another guest found the criminal , brazenly throwing flyers under doors on the first floor ,feet away from the front desk.the guest said he thinks he saw the same guy , when he was on vacation here last year.three of us watched the tall thin guy dressed in all black , with his backpack full of flyers , slowly walk out the back door,like he didn’t have any fear or a care in the world. he knew we were watching : we were scared he might have a knife.he must be very good, to not have been caught , for a year, and loyal, and making a lot of money.

there was a flyer under the door and i wondered if the police could get fingerprints ,off the flyer, but there are a lot of more important crimes,  murders ,they must be busy  trying to solve.

tomorrow is national carrot cake day.  i’m starting early and tried giving the ducks carrot shavings..google must be wrong.they don’t like lettuce or carrots.they like only friday’s breadsticks.they weren’t very happy they had to swim halfway across the lake and walk up onto the bank for carrots.

ducks must be very smart , to recognize people. someone told

 me how, she lived on the intercoastal waterway and ducks flollowed her car into the garage, waiting to be fed and sometimes they would hear a knock at the door and no one was there , until you look down and see a duck or a turtle and sometimes crabs would run into the house , when they got home.