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Sometimes, time can be the biggest commodity around the shelter. Feeding time, potty time, play time ……. Picture time!

Ralphie 1069765-1Today, we had a very shy little boy. We didn’t have many on the list,  so we were able to spend some extra time with Ralphie. At first he hung at Donna’s side and was very apprehensive about everything. But then after many treats, kind soft words and praise, he just became a fun loving little dog.  His tail slowly came out from the tucked position, his head lifted and he figured out quickly that if he paid attention then he would get rewarded.

For us it was so very rewarding to see this little guy blossom and show his true personality. We even got a smile from him, at least I am calling it a smile.

For our part at the shelter, we are usually in the middle of the…

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2/7-2/9- Chiang Mai

my lovely niece , elephant and tiger cubs

Return Address: Earth

Well, I am officially in love with Chiang Mai, if only because I got to play with three tiger cubs and one lion cub while there.

After we booked a few tours for the next day, Chris and I explored the Chiang Mai museum and Three Kings Monument, which celebrates the three kings who together established the city of Chiang Mai. The museum detailed Chiang Mai’s history, and how it became part of present-day Thailand.  We then visited three of the city’s Wats, where we got to learn the story of Buddha’s life through a Wat’s murals (and a guide provided to us by a monk).

We went to the walking market, where we immediately understood why it is called a “walking” market- it goes on forever. And ever. And ever. It begins at the Three Kings Monument, where students ranging from, I would guess, 7-20 years old, performed.  We…

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Great Ocean Road


Return Address: Earth

On January 28, Uli and I took a day trip to the Great Ocean Road.  It was a long, beautiful day.  I had never seen a coastline like this.  The limestone cliffs towered over the coast, creating beautiful scenery.  The Twelve Apostles were magnificent.  I didn’t realize how large the formations were.  There aren’t many exciting stories to tell, other than the adorable curious koala who climbed down a tree to investigate our tour, coming very close to us.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking for this one:

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pirates take two for haiku it’s true

do you have a ship
“i have a boat dingy cars
house and a condo”

pirate worrying
living after his parrot
sixty more years

senior pirate
making joke at his own expense
he was sixty five
whatever he said
was funnier and a haiku
but lost at sea
a real live pirate
parrot talking upside down
in myrtle beach
talking to people
taking pictures with children
back to their condo
see no money change hands
just snapping his likeness
must be true pirate

maybe last dinosaur
walked around saying you
can take my photo.

at this very second , a short summer intermission

someone is telling a stranger they are mesmerizing
someone is telling the person they love they never want to see their picture again
someone is giving birth
a serial killer is stalking his next victim
someone is laughing
someone just died
someone is eating sweet and sour chicken
someone is crying
someone just asked his love to marry him
someone is being raped
someone lost their house
someone just won a lottery
someone is sleeping in the street
someone is recording a hit
someone has a broken arm
men are throwing footballs in the surf
a bird is flying under the clouds
a plane may be crashing
someone is flying high on drugs
someone is flying a kite
someone is on vacation in st. thomas
someone is under rubble from an earthquake
someone is thirsty
another is an alcoholic
someone is watching a horror movie
someone is truly afraid of reality
someone just died in a car wreck
someone was just given their driver’s permit


Right Now / Van Halen

“what are you waitin for
oh yeah right now it’s your
tomorrow right now ”

thank-you cutter

mr mishuginah II and bubbulah

picks up my shih tzu
they watch seinfeld together
make funny poses.

i take their photos
in my mother’s rocking chair
she sits on his head.

she allows posing
upside down in his arms
cradled close to floor.

way to watch seinfeld
piggy back on his shoulders
they are so funny.

then he says hello
sometimes during commercials
realizing i’m there.

he kisses my arm
like gomez adams but he
never kisses me.

day two calls doctor
article in newspaper
CFIDS contagious? ( see fids )

my doctor tells him
nine nine point nine percent sure
isn’t contagious.

doesn’t believe him
top doctor in his field
calls other doctors.

italian restaurant
said he loves me because i’m
friends with old people.

he’s cold at pizza hut
covers his head with coat
while we eat dinner.

D.C. three years later
seinfeld still on at seven
while we eat dinner.

still no hello until
commercials that’s when
i’m allowed to speak.

once instead of hello
he said you cook better
than my mother did.

Friday/two bikini’s a troll doll a bellman & 2 weddings

two bikini’s
on the shore “savin lives
tryin anyway”

older bikini
tells me as the younger threw
starfish back in

“your husband
probably loves that you
have laryngitis”.

“you’re not married
probably a good thing?
i don’t know”.

“yeah they’ve got
SUSHI & all that stuff
at our restaurant”.

what a VEGETARIAN is
myrtle beach.

couldn’t even write haiku
died laughing

lady’s hair blown
exactly like troll doll
gray with black roots.

if i had her picture
wouldn’t even have to
write haiku.
pink rose petals
line boardwalk watermelon crawl
a wedding

HAIKU : poured some sand out on my desk one day and played

“poured some sand out on my desk one day and played” PART DEUX:~~~
We’re pouring concrete~~~

In a few minutes~~~

Like some exercise.~~~

Concrete made from sand~~~

Not knowing what they wanted~~~

Felt safe in saying no.~~~
“SANDALS” Haiku~~~
Sandals a resort~~~

Also footwear flip flopping ~~~

Through the sands of time.~~~

“Where for art thou conch” Haiku


Home of conch fritters conch stew~~~

Rubbery broiled conch.~~~
Also home to bone fishing~~~

President bush catches~~~

Them i did not.~~~

A consolation prize~~~

Having more sand than the Keyes..~~~

Two days driving from~~~

S.C. and there was only ~~~

two inches of sand.~~~

Courtship in the Quarter

new orleans haiku:~~~

Only one rabbi~~~

Became a scuba diver~~~

Changing professions.~~~
She was something else~~~

Tried to take my fiance~~~

Really wish she had.

Ron From Texas

The French Quarter of New Orleans is a favorite place for couples to marry, hook up or hang out.

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