summer kites champagne raccoons

red and blue circles
intertwining kite tails
circle each other

pirate voyage plane
too much action in the sky
flying above kite

parasailers float
“hot blooded check it and see”
playing hotel left

twin banana boats
do not stand between the signs
exit or enter

you are too cruel
if you play ” don’t be cruel”
again carolina girl

hot donna summer left
right side “don’t be cruel”
yesterday’s choices

donna summer wins
we “celebrated the times”
didn’t “back it up”

champagne five raccoons
will not celebrate on my
roof top anymore

nor hurricanes
entering through the baseball diamond
cutout in roof

bright green bobblehead
lizard bobbing head three times
every step he takes

chase your peanut butter
crackers with pretzel rod
nice hawaiian punch

Blue Jay

standing top pool shed
bossing me around
i don’t know what you’re saying

(lizard’s first appearance
since he was a baby
dancing poet mate

knowing three lizards
they’re all different colors
so we don’t get confused)

other grandmother,garrett morris,b.j. palmer

was totally deaf
hearing aid highest setting
you had to shout

like garrett morris
hearing impaired shouting
saturday night live

even when i shout
and this was the only time
she couldn’t hear me

at twenty one she
hit her head on the cabinet
lost her hearing

now i’m twenty one
husband tells me same story
chiropractic school

woman hits head
how b.j. palmer discovers

entirely different tale
isn’t a woman

my aunt tells me they
both went to chiropractors
i was so amazed

this was when chiropractic
was new to the world
long before our time

stranger doctors said
FLYING in a plane may cause
hearing to return

but she would not fly
should end the anectdote here
i know i would go

doubt that anyone
is more afraid than i am
metal in mid air

not laughing deafness
amused by garrett morris
trying to be him

grandmother’s handbag
carried jelly everywhere
cup of hot water

brides for ralph & ed

alice and trixie

“speak of nothing but the wild

ride from taiwan”.


can you imagine

two sharks on a plane

not a movie.

morphine sharks lyrics

” swim for the shores
just as fast as YOUR able
it won’t save you”

(luckily your & not you’re)