II conscious pairings

show me a handsome man
and i’ll show you a woman
who loves him.

“show me a beautiful
woman i’ll show you a
man” who is tired.

six tiny birds
land on railing next to me
precise second

must remember me
yesterday fed rice krispie
cerael treats.

“what the heck was that
was windows xp skype
but how can it be

because you are here
yours doesn’t do that
helicopter taking off”.

what to buy the man
who has everything
a piece of the berlin wall.

sherman hemsley socks
but then HSN asks you
talk to sherman.

brides for ralph & ed

alice and trixie

“speak of nothing but the wild

ride from taiwan”.


can you imagine

two sharks on a plane

not a movie.

morphine sharks lyrics

” swim for the shores
just as fast as YOUR able
it won’t save you”

(luckily your & not you’re)

Even little ones speak in haiku at pool I

(little sister 7)

“mason you think
EVERYTHING in life is a race
since we were born”.

(lucy 4 & baby ziva )

“lucy wants to eat
ice cream and watch long movies
tonight daddy”.

“if you weren’t pregnant
and holding a baby
i’d pull you in”.

“everyone heard”
( daddy asked me if
i saw his wife was pregnant
i said we heard you).

lucy calling herself
vanessa and dunking
daddy blamed me.

(errin didn’t do it)
“don’t think errin has
a mean bone in her body
i think you did it)”.
(forty minutes with jackson 4 )
what’s that on table (10 x’s)
i mean what’s that on pole
what’s that on pole ( 4 x’s)

can you blow bubbles
yes you can have to go home
can i dive in here ( 6 x’s)

i’m a fish watch me
get in jacuzzi with dad
my mom knows how.

one among us: pyramid?

what to do..what to do…forgive me but 1 year and 4 days,since the avatar sociopaths ,minding my own business ,i accidentally came across another pyramid scheme here today. thank-you akismet , now i realize what you were protecting me from…i wish you would call olivia pope, but back to what to do.

maybe they aren’t the sociopaths , avatar are, kidnapping if you don’t pay , stealing your medicine making you run around poles for 9 hours , but they are taking advantage of good prople, by stealing their money. evil always seems to win. why i used the word seem, i don’t know. it was a fact.in my life, evil always won. if we get rid of the pyramid schemers they will come back with a new name. i knew that before i read this same statement.

in researching i found an answer to is this a pyramid scheme by the group itself is YES of course it is and be glad that it is…uhoh…they say the entire world is a pyramid scheme.ok now i am thinking ok, your monotone voices are already a clue of sociopathy and you spoke of taking your wife to a foreign land ,i thought tax evasion… admitting you are a pyramid scheme is brazen.i like the part when you remember you are supposed to look at the camera.ok, so you aren’t a charismatic sociopath.that means you scamed fewer people.

also found someone saying they are so good at marketing ,they get rid of all the bad things being said of them. i wonder if my words will disappear in a puff of smoke, even though i haven’t named them.

i don’t know if the person here is just unlucky to have stumbled onto this and wants us to join.actually i will not say what i think.

famous dr. quotes;it isn’t the good wife

(why i wrote these quotes last night,i have no idea, before watching the good wife this morning. apparently you can sue mosquitoes ).
dr pc: 23 years old ,after 1.5 years “one of the mosquitoes in st. thomas was carrying something” …..”CFIDS” ..”don’t go to any other countries…warm climates… stay here”
“blood freeze dried at NIH”.
“no, people who have been ill for over 5 years don’t get well from this…”

optometrist: “are you 28 or 88”
dr h: “worst case of fibromyalgia i’ve ever seen” he also has fibromyalgia.
dr sa:”your picture is under catastrophe in the dictionary” laugh..he said” it’s not funny.i’m serious”.
dr sh :” bless your heart you have been badly damaged from toxic black molds”
GI :” i can hear you coughing across the buiding” (10 story over 100 drs)
dc union station 7 year old: on way to johns hopkins “do you have SARS”
asian men in georgetown elevator: laughing “do you have SARS”

dr al: 3 types of mold “aspergillius, pen and stachy…the scale goes to 7 for stachy.you are 6.7..i’ve never seen it that high”.

dr as: “i can’t give you this cough medicine anymore , because of michael jackson”….
dr. r: “you are like a tv, with the volume turned to high”…
dr. ml:lyme disease apparently since age 7,mercury poisoning and leaky gut”
“if i was as ill as you are i would be a nervous wreck too”
7 years earlier , chiropractor said “you must have leaky gut- no one eats as many vegetables as you” ..juicer 2 X/day/ 9 months before this comment
chiropractor also to patient : patient : ” she has a bad cough” chir: yes she has been coughing like that for 1.6 years ..patient: i know”.

gee baby it’s cold outside indoor haiku :
Remembering quotes

famous drs.,forgetting

appears difficult.