Pregnant OCD Dolphin

my pregnant ocd dolphin
gambles on love
all the wrong places

keep your baby in
don’t gamble state lottery
break a dolphin’s heart

who pays for stupid commercials
south carolina

you can’t even watch
a half hour comedy
all four commercials

heartbreaking also
leaving those out we’re trying
to watch comedy

first someone tells you not to feed the dolphin. if i was a dolphin, i would say how dare you sir. how dare you take food from my mouth & my baby.

then, some lady, with a hairdo from 1950, who still lives there, says you shouldn’t play the lottery it’s addictive.
you’re kidding lady? i think we have known that since 1900.
if they are addicted, they aren’t going to be watching you: they are out gambling. and if they are, they need help from a therapist, a psychiatrist, not you. your suggestion will not help. why don’t you spend your money on homeless , feeding poor and taking care of animals.

stupid sociopath mingling ,meddling match company. how dare you say you speak for g-d. prey on dumb people, with your narcissistic advertising dribble. all other match companies are bad. only use us.g-d wants you to only give us your money, because he only tells us who your match should be. WOW.
you know what g-d stopped talking to people 5000 years ago. if you think g-d is talking to you. you need to go directly to a psychiatrist. my blood boils when i hear your ,what should be criminal brainwashing. why are you allowed on tv!
i feel like 99% of the large companies with shareholders are sociopaths, even if they aren’t human.
the humans that run them, often aren’t human: tobacco, cars that kill you, dog food that’s poison …

as for the last commercial ; how many people could you possibly be referring to, 1 % , when you say: “don’t push your delivery date up” . someone do the math. if you know it’s bad, don’t you think the obgyn knows this. i mean i’m just guessing, but a dr. would have to come up with this information, in order for you to know, so why do we need a middleman? don’t you think her dr. can tell her?
of this 1% , how many people don’t have a dr. did you pay money to tell 1/2 of a person, who might be at home watching tv?
should i go back in time, & tell my mother-in-law no. do not let your dr. induce labor so he can go on vacation. i laughed when she told me.

(there was no other dr. the population of this small s.c. town was 500 when i was 18 & this early labor happened ,before i was born).


pelicans prefer pecan pie

pairing pelicans
flying high to their love nest
glide over palm trees

kite flies above birds
” we’re gonna last forever ”
” best days of our life ”

want to jump the fence
see how the other half lives
he’ll bring back pictures

taste better nibbles
cabanas like Burn Notice
musical daylight

giant chess pieces
middle of saltwater pool
as tall as i am

on the oceanfront
six thousand dollars a week
princes send camels

south bound wagon wheels
things that you can do without
” any way you feel ”

let me count the ways
we don’t like country music
don’t ” rock me mamma ”

billy jean rocks you
” forty days and forty nights ”
M J white glove test

” stop and eat your hamburger
that’s what’s the matter with you
you’re hungry ”

as the rain pours down
in seventeen syllables
grandmother speaking

” Jake eat the burger
and then we will go dive in ”
silly little prune

the pool is like glass
they made a break for it
i have an umbrella

only passenger
gentleman dries red golf cart
your carriage awaits


he was married to cher

( the first concert at the new coliseum)

one day at my mailbox , this man across the street came to my house and told me his mother had just died ,april the 19th, a bad day for atf and history : ruby ridge, waco , then timothy mcveigh… he wanted to go to the movies and forget. you can’t say no. he always wanted to go , to the movies ,but there aren’t that many in s.c. there were 6 and they play for 2 months. it isn’t new york or d.c. , where you can see 2 movies a day every week. eventually , someone decided to build a coliseum.

one day gumba came home from work and asked me to guess where we were going.i couldn’t .there were lots of questions and probably easy clues. i knew it wasn’t to see the menendez brothers. then he said ok, he was married to cher. sony? . no, it wasn’t sony.he was is heaven. it was gregg allman. he had to tell me or we would still be sitting there.

why did the seats have to be on the front row. i like to be near the door & not have a million people sitting behind me. but i found a new reason not to like the first row. first, gregg allman winked and i asked gumba if he winked at me.he said no he’s winking at me. of course he is winking at you. it was a stupid question, because i was the only girl. that must be why people pay for front row seats.

at some point the audience decided to just walk to the stage and stand. one guy was acting unusual and all of a sudden gumba pushed me out of the way with his left arm and grabbed the guy’s hands behind his back and calmly held him. then he told someone to get me out of the way and then all of the chairs went down; four rows ,like dominoes…finally the police came and gumba calmly handed the guy over and quietly said “you guys lost control of the audience”. he couldn’t believe it. that’s the part he couldn’t believe.he kept shaking his head no.. they had to do better next time.the part i couldn’t believe was how easily he put the guy’s hands behind his back, but he just explained how you look to see where they are off balance.

commercials: misty croslin needed a few

a time to think about something else, worry about what you need to do, brush your teeth, get a glass of water, see what’s on another channel. there are endless possibilities.what i love about commercials is they allow you to do something else.i like target commercials and the ones on antenna tv and ME tv.never have i seen these anywhere else, but you have people like bob newhart, mary tyler moore ,betty white, the little boys from the riflrman and donna reed at the age they are today saying watch me on ME and then they show the show 30 or 40 years ago. then you have sad commercials with the fonz and i dream of jeannie selling i don’t know insurance or reverse mortgages or something like that.time for a glass of water. why aren’t they in movies ? the last time i saw the fonz , he was on “numbers”.
really do not care for the ants in your pants commercial or the one, in s.c. where some government official is saying sorry if you are not 18, you can’t play the lotto:it’s the law. the government is paying money for this? that’s the most important thing you can think of to tell a teenager?how about don’t set your boyfriend or girlfriend’s apartment on fire, when you get mad at him.someone did that here yesterday. the ants in your pants commercial had been on a million times, before i realized it was about brushing parents don’t know how to teach their children to brush their teeth? by the time a child understands the commercial ,if he doesn’t know ,he wouldn’t have any teeth left.why don’t they have classes in high school about raising chldren, so they don’t grow up to be scott peterson or misty croslin or ahmadinejad?
if someone had taught hank and lisa croslin not to leave their drugs around their children, to watch them, so they would be safe and things like this,the entire family would not be in or have been in jail, and also not stealing and buying drugs.maybe their daughter would not have been caught being the drug kingpin ,(at 18 & you know she was at 17, but they had to wait until she was an adult) and in a car that just happened to be in front of a school.and that isn’t even the worst she has done.perhaps she wouldn’t lie to police for years or i believe murdered haleigh.
why not instead have commercials saying don’t hit children.don’t let your dog go in the street or better yet instead of commercials spend the money on buying food for people who are starving and shelter.
i don’t really know these are being paid for by the government:maybe i’m being roseanne rosannadanna, but that’s what it looked like.if so, never mind.