metoprolol generic supposedly toprol

this is probably not for anyone here, at wordpress to read and not a poem or anything funny : it’s a warning against generic medicines not necessarily being the same.

for the last seven months, i had been taking , unknowingly,the wrong medicine, until three and a half weeks ago.

i was taking toprol, for heart problems caused by toxic molds for seven years.for seven months , i have had terrible pressure in my head, dizzier,even harder to read because my b/p was worse, hives and vibrating like a cello, always worse , the higher the b/p, except vibrating apparently from lyme disease.
for seven years before that tiazac but before this i had low b/p because of fibromyalgia. mold caused it to go in the opposite direction.

it was like i was taking a mold pill.these are things mold causes that toprol helps…i could have died from hives in my throat pharmacist would say…but the pressure in your head is unbearable.

even though the pharmacist said the metoprolol would be out of my system in two weeks, i can still see hives.

i just happened to realize what i was taking ; a long story. the pharmacist thought she was saving money, but i thought i specifically said not to change anything.
i had a friend who would have died , had he not been at the VA hospital volunteering , when someone gave him generic heart medicine.

i was even in worse shape than usual, because i had been breathing wet plaster from the rain in the ceiling all winter, sawdust from building new floors outside my condo bedroom and pesticides on both sides of me on the hives and everything else, when i should have just blamed that on making my bronchitis worse…

i even blamed the pesticide for the hives & paid for two months longer at that condo instead of going to the new one i bought in april, because some idiot sprayed my new condo.


what kept george carlin awake

tell your doctor if
there’s a change in body hair
as opposed to what

can you do the math
five am trying to sleep
commercial appears

if you take this pill, this is what the doctor needs to know? first of all the expression body hair is so annoying.where else would someone have hair if not on their body ? and second, that’s what’s important to tell the dr? i don’t think so, but okay dr, i took this pill & my mexican hairless grew an updo last night.or i was getting ready to open this coconut after i took this pill & he acquired a blue scared me so badly, i had to take another pill, a purple pill for heartburn, which then gave me leaky gut syndrom, another horrible name & hey they don’t list that for side effects in the purple commercial,or what it means in layman’s terms,losing ability to absorb vitamins from vegetables, but that’s another story.

perhaps this would happen & then i would be thrilled to tell the dr.hey doc i have had curly hair all my life but i took this pill & awoke with straight hair. in this case she would be thrilled & buy stock in the company. i would too.this would be important.we would market the pill and put the crazy kiosk girl at the mall out of business.

what would george carlin say to this day you walk by this hair straightening device & they put the business in a place where you have to pass it ten times…the owner will not leave you alone.please, please let me show you how beautiful your hair would be….(oh i know i spent two hours at graham webb international ,with 1 person on each side & then an hour at the chiropractor across the street many, many days. people say my hair is beautiful , even when you fall down the stairs & it’s taped to the ems board at the hospital & i say are you kidding me).okay just be quiet already.have your fun,but i don’t want turbo silk.then he tapped his magic wand & i became can you resist when he tells you the price is $1 & guarantees a new one if it think oh sure ,you will still be in business & at tyson’s mall.
a year goes by & he is still there,and you can’t go without straightening your hair, to make him happy.
on the lower level, in the new addition, there is another kiosk in a bad place. bad , because you have to keep walking by devices to CURL your walk as far away as possible , because the girl keeps trying to grab you. i will not look at you. why do they always think i am their mark.i try to look mean & think mean to myself . you are an idiot if you are too dumb to see i just spent thirty minutes straightening my hair with turbo silk from the guy upstairs and have the nerve to ask me if i would love to have curly hair and not two minutes ago , a woman on the escalator in bloomingdale’s said your hair is beautiful.and if you dare to ask , you will be leaving through the window , also.and she did, but i didn’t.
*only the $1 was changed to protect his true price,which is different for every person.

why is it quiet
i didn’t have to do math
because it’s raining

i didn’t have to
wake at five to count how many
hours til eight

i can take a pill
a tranquilizer to sleep
wake and tell doctor

if my hair is straight
or curly when i wake up
it’s so important

what would we do without
commercials telling us
what is important