bitter ben ,pizza, 8th grade

bitter ben made a comment at least you remember something from 8th grade, about pizza. i remember coincidences.
this was the first day of 8th grade:
my english teacher asked me to stay after class.i’m not leave it to beaver. no one had ever asked me to do that. the english teacher
asked me if i was related to (changing names to protect the innocent) avodor.(no, not from yentyl) .yes he’s my cousin. then she asked if i was related to adam and i said he was my brother, so she told me he was in her class, in high school.they were the same age . she wasn’t his teacher,and she had a crush on him.

then i go to the next class and my social studies teacher asked me to stay after class. what have i done now.not thinking this could be the exact same situation, an hour later,she tells me she went to school with my sister . apparently she is three years younger than than my brother.also she said pizza had more vitamins than any food and i don’t believe she had spinach and feta.

Speaking of Myrtle Beach

Hotel Tales

in ninth grade, my best friend went with us to litchfield.the most delicious seafood  at myrtle beach comes from murrell’s inlet, so every night, you stood in line night at drunken jacks, we waited in line and the hosteess called smith party of six. this man said party of five, one of us died waiting in line.that was the funniest joke, i had ever heard in my life. i could not stop laughing, to eat was so true , you could spend your life waiting in line for should get in line, before you are hungry.

the next day we were on the beach and this tiny lady bent over and covered her eyes and saluted and yelled down the beach  is that you errin spelling. it was my 9th grade english teacher, from greenville,s.c five years later, one day my fiance and i were fishing at this lake in spartanburg, and this woman came home and said she was the owner of the house and  we knew each other .she was my german,german teacher from greenville  and she hugged me. well she never hugged me at school. in fact she asked me why my people couldn’t keep new york clean.i had never even been to new york.

two years later, in a gift shop in kingstree s.c., my mother in law and i were shopping, when this woman came in and i heard her speaking to the sales was driving me crazy, that i knew her voice and i could remember her calling my name and i could not figure out who she was, all day. my mother in law called people and found out her name and only then did i realize she was my 12th grade english was strange seeing all 3 in different towns .