sub sea sand

baby lizard came
to play or to eat cheez its
that is the question

was a short visit
just came to say how do you do
a lovely day

sliding glass toes
massaging and softening
nature’s pumice jewel

Last Resort braugher
story of a submarine
oceanic thoughts

andre is back
alive and kicking in Brooklyn
samberg his sidekick

will andy samberg sing
“i got somethin’ real important
to give you”

sargeant has twins
he must build a pink doll house
cagney and lacey

play sprinkle city
on their phones at the precinct
just send me cupcakes

“eight dollarest wine”
perfect for entertaining
goes with everything

Bad bad bad storm or thirteen lives

one million haiku
from april and may never
-ending yesterday.

i think grandma won the funniest haiku contest yesterday.she may have topped men who say the darndest things in haiku.
not my grandma, because i was 22, when mine was 99.oldest jewish person in s.c., a few years earlier.

grandma grandpa their son,the d j & i were waiting for a storm to pass,in the gazebo,like was like a hurricane.

i heard her tell grandpa ;

(your ipad don’t half work
she wanted him to stay
was a big mistake)

“You know you’d rather
be out here with this pretty
and me”.

she laughed at her joke
then we spent three hours
blown around by storm.

cement trash can
by cement pond blew across
floor almost hit me.

water up to ankles
rain from three directions
wet t shirt contest.
the d j wrote a haiku too & he doesn’t even know :

“Exchanging of numbers
a summer ritual
at myrtle beach”.

why do people speak in 17 syllables and why do i count ?
(omg that was also a haiku.i can’t help it . i need dr bombay).
blackbirds fly pouring
rain chewing hamburger buns
french fries and cheetos.

three blackbirds squawking
palm tree can’t withstand fighting
topples over.
“Toes ” Zac Brown Band

“i’m leaving G A
body’s been kissed by the sun
ass in the sand”.

“toes in the water
i’m not going back again
cold beer in my hand”