last straw plantation PTSD

it was about 7:30 & the ocean breeze was the best it had ever been .so i left, before anyone pulled out a cigarette and ruined it. there was a lot of noise like people throwing a sofa, sounding like it was coming from the roof. it was nothing like the noise from above the tennis villa , since feb 1st . turn the tv louder to mute . some idiot banging on my outer door that has a chain ,ringing the bell for maybe 20 minutes , until i’m so hysterical i can’t move, because i have ptsd from just that..
i don’t care if the building is burning down: no one has any reason to come to the door,ring a bell, much less that nightmare. and a plane crashed right outside ,i was told ,caught on fire & the whole lodge would go up,he said if it happened closer.

so 3 years ,no one helped me, for 10 months at 2359. every single night , what i think was a man stomping every two hours all night . the only time, i could sleep was when he went to play golf. the floors are a nightmare.
you aren’t allowed to make noise after 11 pm…the security guards wanted me to email & wake up
person who rents condos at 3 am & every time , he was stomping, which was every night & ridiculous, but nothing was ever done for 10 months, just a runaround.

*then in #2346 ,for an entire winter,i had to be woken every day, no rain, from 9 – 5 or 6 p m by sawing wood outside my bedroom window & hammering & made sick from sawdust then carpet glue ,when the building was practically empty.they have to go outside the sick person’s condo. the sawdust could have killed me. allergic since i was little , before toxic mold. no one cared to even stop the noise.

so i move to a top floor & then later , i bought a top floor for that reason. (millions of baby roaches in the walls that came out every time you turn on water,inside the oven, stove, microwave,everything possible). they are all gone now,unbelievably, but i bought a tennis villa & the lady who sold it to me said she never saw a bug & that it was quiet.
no one lived there & the family that owns it just lets family come.
the next day bugs but , since feb. 1, it’s been nonstop noise for 7 months except 2 & 1/2 weeks. every 5-7 minutes : banging, stomping ,running…. when inside,they never sleep 7 hours.

about six weeks ago ,i sent 3 pages to security .no one would put up with this…
you’re only allowed to complain after 11 pm… i said i’m going to the police if it doesn’t stop.. for 3 days it was quiet. and then all hell broke loose again.

so a new security guard was trying to give me a heart attack tonight. i cannot believe the things i’ve had to put up with 3 years & apparently people below complained of people moving furniture – me. the absolute stupidity. where has he been when i needed him for 3 years & it’s 8 pm…& he was rude & yelly & i was just as smart alecky , b/c he’s the last straw.

i asked him did he really think i was throwing furniture .of all people in the world & i think he did, b/c he said smart alecky well where do i think it’s coming from.
i cried for 2 hours,until i had to get out of here, b/c i’m scared to death again.. he said he has to be able to get in (meaning all guards) i asked him to come in twice & look & he said i’m not coming in…& he told me to turn the tv down. it was to cover the noise & him. so i have to listen to the horrible noise even louder, & he didn’t stop the banging.

my chest hurts badly. i don’t know how many asthma attacks i’ve had today. i went to the gate & the idiot was sitting there & the noise was still here at 10 when i left & i asked why is he sitting there ..why me? why scare me to death & not go stop the noise.

no it’s always me. people do whatever they want to me for 15 years & it ends tonight.. & the other nice guard told me don’t be afraid of him. he’s not going to hurt you..but that’s exactly what he just did & says he will do again..they can’t hear me, but he is exactly what i am afraid of a retired sheriff who tells me ,he has to be able to get in whenever he has to . yet he wouldn’t come in. they say he’ll be in trouble doing whatever he wants & being mean.

i could not be angrier at the 8 pm someone complains of noise & someone actually tried to do something , when i’ve tried to complain 100 times for 1000’s of hours of noise after 11 pm & nothing for almost 200 days . that’s even worse than ptsd & the pain in my chest & throat ,trying to yell at him.
and then he stopped looking for the noise. she said oh we’ll walk up & down until we find it..
i did that myself. you can’t hear furniture outside.
inside is a nightmare and it isn’t paradise if you have to fight the cigarettes to breathe every darn time you walk outside.this is the last place in the world to come if you have breathing problems. i can’t believe the health department lets people smoke IN the pool. one guy in the jacuzzi.

people who live here complain of cigarettes all over their yard & then they say i really have a reason.i don’t think i have ever been outside where they don’t get me. i was ready to’s pointless.

the cigarettes do
so much more damage than the
ocean breeze does good

i have been accused
moving furniture the crime
retired sheriff

arms hurt bad nine months
can hardly pull my top off
reach in cabinet


12:40 am & bang. nothing compared to the noise above villa.

1:24 a m 2 bangs sounds like balcony door below me , the complainers.

7:30pm bang 8:19 bang 11:47 pm terrible hammering noise

wed 12:30-12: 58 pm dropping furniture banging ; probably housekeeping

bad bad water

i need alcohol

OCD isopropyl

not the kind you drink.

every time you leave

literally ceiling falls

pouring water drops.
someone sprays lysol

flying straight into condo

breathlessly choking.
don’t exaggerate

crazies running on ceiling

who said it would fall.
last tide ceiling fell

springing eleven fountains

toxic black nightmares.

“pennies from heaven”

“dark when you left me

umbrella is upside down

every time it rains”.

Too much concern with being sued at expense of others

three incidents happened in the same day,march 4th.i had been trying to call a dr. in another room , but the phone wasn’t working. i asked the manager how to dial, because the directions , on the phone obviously weren’t right. he called an ambulance.he came up and told me. he could be sued if he knocked on a room. or called a room.he also said i needed an ambulance. first, i have seen them dial rooms for other people many times.i said the dr was my friend.i ididn’t want to go to a hospital ,they could kill me, not knowing what to do  (and i had such a high fever i couldn’t explain anything}.he also said he could be sued for not calling an ambulance, when he saw how ill i was.later i was thinking about the clerk and police ( 3 males)banging on my room in november at 3;45 am . now i know they could have been sued for’s always at my expense.then, 12 hours later,when i came back i needed something in my room and the clerk said he was not allowed to go into my room, because he was a man.another lawsuit rule? why didn;t he remember that in november at 3;45 am , when he scared me half to death.

then i am in the ER and a dr had told me to put my allergies in my handbag. i know i kept saying they are in my purse, but not only did no one go into my handbag, but the nurse said “don’t worry, you are in the right place , we will just give you some benadryl”. five days later i realized they don’t want to go in your purse, because they can be sued.the last time i was in the hospital for the same reason, in fairfax, va, they gave me something i was allergic to and my left side and tongue and mouth and face went numb and no one could come help me, because everyone was with a new baby having, would they rather be sued for your death from anallergicreaction than whatever small amount they might have to pay for whatever a person could sue for about a’s always at my expense and ridiculous.this all happened in orlando, but at every hospital in virginia, maryland or florida.they always have to take xrays , because they could be sued. every time, you lay there in pain for hours, then they want to waste time on unnecessary x rays . i always say i will sign anything , but there is no obstruction you do not need x rays.i already glow in the dark, my dr has said since 1989. why do i have to risk cancer , because they only care about being sued, not the patient’s best interest.

universal orlando/are we ever more than 500 feet from crime/ Terry Guerrier

there is an expression , you are never more than 5 feet from a spider. i am wondering if we are ever more than 500 feet from a crime here in orlando.march 4  around  2;30 am Terry Guerrier, 26 was murdered , shot in his car by universal and international gunshot went into the best western lobby.

had i been in my hotel ,i would have been 500 feet from flying bullets, but i was in the hospital.i just signed a form and the nurse said she was going to get a soon as she closed the door everyone started screaming lock down the hospital, no one goes in or out.this just happened on general hospital, when robin scorpio was apparently blown up in the hospital lab. i didn’t think that was happening.second thought was someone wanted to steal 3;30 the nurse came back and said someone was ill.wait this is a hospital, everyone is 5 am the news came on and they said someone dropped off a dead body at dr. phillips hospital at 2;30 am and the hospital was locked down.

Before Terry Guerrier was murdered 3/4/12, two of his friends,Oliza and Dorceus were murdered on christmas ,in 2 different places.four people have been arrested, but no one has been arrested for killing Terry Guerrier yet. the police need the help of the public. there was an altercation earlier that night at club LAX between Terry’s production company  and  another production company.