Universal Orlando Hotel Tales: People are Crazy

It was arouund 10:30  and i was wondering if the golf ball sized mosquito bites, on my arm.,that look like another hotel from st. thomas in 1983, were like amnesia.on tv, someone hits you on the head and you get amnesia. then 10 years later, you hit your head again and then you remember who you are.of course the fire alarm goes off.the hall is not breathable.you go outside, with a lot of hotel guests, who like you are choking.you are used to ckoking, from toxic mold, for 11 years, but now many people are coughing and what do crazy people do outside. they smoke cigarettes. there’s a fire , so of course it’s logical to start smoking .they forget their keys to go back to the room, but heaven forbid, they forget their cigarette.i could not turn any way to get clean air. you go inside and sit in the lobby, and listen to the alarm beeping ,and people come next to you with cigarette smoke on their clothes,while you’re coughing.the entire second floor was unbearable.the front desk was trying to decide what to say to the guy who started the fire.”because you are intoxicated, we don’t feel the hotel is safe”…..he wouldn’t have understood anything they said, because the alarms were going off and he didn’t get up out of bed.they had to go open the windows and he didn’t move.later they called and told him, he would be leaving with police, if he didn’t leave soon.and he will probably have a 500.00 charge on his credit card, like the person,who woke me at 9;30 a few weeks ago, burning toast. why are people so dumb on vacation. they don’t start fires at home.

after a few hours you try to go back, to your floor , of course the fire was across the hall from you and your key doesn’t work.this happens 3 times: 3 times you have to go back to the lobby. the lobby they sprayed to get rid of smoke.i wonder what the nightmares will be tonight. tuesday it was the faellas. wednesday it was black bears chasing me and bubbulah.no more news for me. they just let the black bears roam free now in orlando.and i think the other nightmare was because the faellas are out on bond.unbelieveable that they can even get bond.i wonder how many new guns they have now.

Craigslist Scams /florida hotel tales

what are the odds? the very first time, you ever look at craigslist, the first thing you find is  a scam.the price wasn’t low, it just happened to be a new condo, to rent.this man said he was a missionary in another country.in the end he would send the keys , after you sent him money, but he was never going to send the keys.he probably wasn’t even a man, and didn’t own the condo.

now there is a note that says beware of people , who are out of the country.tonight i see people in myrtle beach ,on craigslist have issued there own warnings, in ads, about this same thing. one lady was going to move there with her little girl and lost three months of rent, to a woman who said she was a missionary.if anything sounds too good to be true, it is.i knew there was something wrong with that man, because he was telling me about a floor that didn’t exist.it took a person from russia, to tell me it was a scam.he wanted me to leave , at christmas for some reason, maybe to rent it to someone else and steal more money.in myrtle beach , some people take pictures from real listings and pretend they own them, and lower the price. i wish i hadn’t just heard this, because  i believed ocean front  condo /575.00  a month was real, when the resort sells it for 1360.00 a month.

New Orlando Gang Rape Strategy

Don’t let this happen to you:you see a little boy, who tells you he is lost and gives you his address. do not take him there. it isn’t his home.what you will ,instead find , gang members who will rape you and destroy your life.a bunch of ****&^%*()++%^#@ horrible criminals, who obviously should be in jail, who are teaching young children to be sociopaths and that is the nicest thing they are doing.if you see a child , who says this, stay where you are or go inside a safe place and call the police.if he is lost, the police know what to do.they take advantage of people who are nice and destroy them. thats what sociopaths do. it doesn’t pay to be nice.it’s a horrible world, when being nice causes the end of your life.that’s the world ,we live in and it wouldn’t be that way,if sociopaths and psychopaths were in jail, where they belong.there are 1700-1900 gang members in orlando, florida who are members of 70 gangs.

for a few weeks , i have been trying to figure out why people who are standing outside universal orlando walgreens keep asking me if i have a lighter.i am the last person ,in the world, who would have a lighter. what is the probability that they would ask me,of all people,over and over.it must be some type of crime ,i am starting to think. maybe when you open your handbag, they run away with your money.

Universal Orlando Hotel Tales

a very pretty housekeeper ,at the hotel,in her 20’s has a bandage on her face , next to her eye.someone asked her what happened and she said “i was jumped”.we all said oh no!she smiled and said i’m alright,i’m alright.i’m just thankful to be alive”.you know she is very upset and probably every little thing makes her jump.she will not be over this for a long time.you’re shocked, but you don’t know why, because this type of thing happens here every day, much worse.

tuesday morning ,i fell asleep at 6 am: at 9:30 the fire alarm went off…if i had a nickel for every time the fire alarm went off at every hotel i have been at, for the last 9 years…

last night, a pizza flyer criminal came into the hotel through the front door around 9 pm and i don’t know how i knew what he was. maybe because i have seen so many. i actually forgot about him and when i got out of the elevator, he was throwing flyers under the door and he unbelieveably handed one to me and said thank-you and i was in shock again and didn’t know what to do. you want to say thank-you to someone who gives you something but not a criminal .i didn’t know what to do :throw it at him,throw 100  ,on top of his head, let it fall, give him a dirty look, tell him if it was the last pizza on earth, you wouldn’t order one….i did nothing.

Shame on You Mitt Romney

Shame on you mitt romney for pretending hillary is backing you .shame on you  for thinking floridians are stupid.shame on you for using a 2008 clip of clinton running for president  and misleading americans.shame on you for calling other people names that you obviously are,or you would not be using fake clips. shame on you for approving the message.shame on you mostly for driving, with your dog on top of the car ,during a long trip for your vacation.and shame on anyone who would have given you a dog and shame on anyone who would give you a dog in the future. and thank-you david letterman .

Who knows about politics?Florida Mitt Romney commercial

i don’t know anything about politics, but i do know about liars.this commercial has been coming on in florida, all day every day.i found out they only play it in certain states, apparently states where they think people are stupid. first of all how long do we have to listen to these stupid commercials.i am not a fan of liars. all i need to know is that david letterman sums in up best.you don’t need to know anything else about a person, who puts a dog on top of his car , to travel for a vacation. at the very least they are a narcissist, who has no regard for life, or they are an idiot..the late show makes this point every few days and even had a historian on, to tell the entire story.but, back to the commercial. why in the world would hillary clinton  , a democrat, who works for our president be in a clip for a romney commercial. i thought it was a joke, but i was horrified the first day.the first thought was can’t she sue romney . how can he use her, without her obvious permission.again our laws are made for the criminals, because the commercial has aired for weeks.i looked this up, because i fall out of the chair from shock, every time it comes on   and it says this was from 2008, when she was running against obama. that is exactly what i thought it was and if i can figure that out, everyone can. how can they use this? and romney says: i approve this commercial.now he has a new commercial in which he calls someone else a liar. what is he? i hate politics.

Florida Hotel Tales

It seems like friday the 13th, in universal orlando today.oh look another black bear, 30 feet from someone’s front door today.something tells me they should have been taken off the endangered list, quite some time ago.it is not a good day for breathing in universal orlando. first the chef decided to add something new to the pasta- balsamic glaze, and vinegar and i are not friends.then this woman asked if she could pray for me.apparently that means more than a simple prayer.another seminar in town…it involves touching and changing your religion.then , i had an asthma attack , from the smoke on a man’s shirt.so, after a few hours,i realize i need air, so i stop inside burger king and they had just cleaned and when you open the ladies room, chemicals knock your head off, so i went to walgreen’s and they have what looks like toxic black mold in the vent ,on the ceiling, in the ladies room .the pharmacist had already gone home, so he couldn’t ask “what biotoxins have we gotten into today”. and i couldn’t tell him.so, i go back to the hotel and a man was standing in front of the entrance smoking…in front of both entrances. and this is where i started.after he left, i turned the stove on , something was burning, so i quickly turn it off , but that  doesn’t matter. it will stay in the room  for 8 hours, or longer.

i was away ,for only 10 minutes, to find a new burner for the stove, when the  Stefano’s pizza flyer criminals decided to hit. the pizza flyer MAFIA  are still using the same names that they did last week:  1 stefano’s,  3 romanos and 3 genova .

Universal Orlando Hotel Tales

One day in december, a manager at the restaurant said one day you will own the company.his joke is starting to come true. today,after  lunch , my server gave me a salad to take home , breadsticks for my ducks and a 10.00 gift card.she is so sweet and always gives me things. i don’t think there is a manager there or server, who hasn’t.about a month ago, melissa waited on me. then 2 weeks later she said would you like a diet coke, water, broccoli soup and a house salad with ranch dressing on the side.how could she possibly know that. they are magicians.today, she said she was going to grab me next time, i come in the door , because she never gets me. 

at another restaurant, a woman touches the shade with her finger and i said uhoh and sent gerard a note in the kitchen, that he should dust the shade, before the health inspector comes back.he said tonight. every time he sees me he starts singing errin songs. last week  it was if you knew errin like i knew errin. then he asked geraldine at the salad bar, if she knew errin and she said i don’t want to know errin,like you know errin.everyone’s a comeddiene.later , water started pouring  from the ceiling and i was the only one who noticed… pointing like an irish setter for a few minutes, before anyone looked up and then they ran in the kitchen to get the general manager. it’s a good thing no one was sitting at that table.

the mother of indiana jones took her puppy to the beach, in sarasota, for the week-end ,so he could see the ocean for the first time. another family  checked in and left their dog in the room, to bark for 3 hours nonstop., while everyone complains.they were out enjoying dinner , when the hotel called and didn’t bother to come back.

Universal Orlando Hotel Tales

The elevator door opened around 6 pm, in the lobby and no one was there. in the middle of the floor,sitting still ,it appeared to be a tarantula.the doors closed.what in the world, so i pushed the button and he came back, but he wasn’t a tarantula, he was human hair,in the shape of  a  large spider.i could not quit laughing.someone pushed the button and he came back and they got on the elevator and made a face, but said nothing. a minute later someone else pushed the button and he and his little boy , also looked but rode with the tarantula.then another man got on and kicked the hair to the corner.i’m still laughing.finally, i pushed him out the door and the manager took him away.

three hours later , i walked down the hall to go fax something in the lobby and there was a frog sitting in front of the elevator waiting to go to the lobby.someone isplaying tricks again and they shaped the hair into a frog.how did he even leave the manager and i couldn’t quit crying to ask her how he went back upstairs.

last night a man and a woman and her father and 3 children checked in and they were going to get married last night.he was upset because he had to walk to the pool, even though he has a pool in his home.also, the groom asked if they could just leave the children here forever. then she out of nowhere, tells the children that i was an opera singer and i laughed and shook my head no. so she all of a sudden started speaking like she was from new jersey. “you gonna ahgu wit me”.” she’s gonna argu wit me”.these are all hotel faxing tales.

Universal Orlando restaurant hotel tales

A lot of people have been walking around ,with red t shirts on, that say Thing 1 and Thing 2,since october.today i was getting ready to ask the waiter ,what that means. all of a sudden this woman across the room stood up and asked her husband if he knew what things 1 and 2 are and he said no and she said they are from dr. seuss.

later, the waiter was talking to this nice man from jamaica, who has eaten there, for either breakfast or lunch, for over 6 years.i remember he hugged me thanksgiving,  and new years. while the waiter was standing there, i was thinking about how the servers at friday’s always sit down at my booth and tell me stories, because they are tired. at that moment he sat down.that is the first time, i have ever seen him sit, in 8 months later, he said they are not allowed to sit.everything i thought about happened, so i thought he should go buy a lottery ticket, because i was thinking he would win a million dollars .