Camelflaged & other pairings

when camel camouflages
himself against sand
master cannot see.

lethargic camel
devising way to rest
in dictionary.

“send your camel to bed”
he’s not a “belly dancer”
or prancer.

it’s midnight do you
know where your camel is
wrapping hanukkah gift.

grandmother chased
uncle around the table
sweet potato pie.

daddy could eat
twenty potato pancakes
she counted one day.

excuse me can you
please stop a minute so i
can read your tattoo .

why do people have
writing across their neck
tiny lettering .

“i never met one” Bubba Haiku

i never met one
lots of people named bubba
people in s.c.
an hour later
mother- in -law said errin
we burst out laughing
i forgot my own uncle
lived to ninety three.
went to citadel
general westmoreland’s class
sent laotion gifts.
favorite pen pal
always made whisky sour
it was just sour.