Universal Orlando area holiday week-end crime

like there isn’t enough local crime, tourists are now committing crimes.a 14 year old ,from georgia, attempted to sexually assault a maid at his international drive hotel.he was charged with battery, attempted sexual battery and false imprisonment, according to the orlando sentinel.

then at universal’s citywalk, movie theatre workers found an *Unconscious*   woman on  an ac unit  and a half dressed Joshua Gilliard behind the theatre , who said it was consensual.he pretended to be a pro golfer and bought the woman and her friend drinks and danced.he thinks  he’s a little bit tiger woods and a lot  joran van der sloot.

while all of this is going on, and not knowing,  if your hotel room faces universal, you can watch fireworks.some nights they start at 10;45 and others 9;45. i don’t know how long this has been going on, i just noticed a few days ago, when i heard bang, bang bang and  had just seen a man talking about hearing bang seven times and knowing what kind of gun someone had been murdered with, because he said “it happens all the time”in his neighborhood.maybe this neighborhood would be a good location for a brand new prison.actually every neighborhood here should have it’s own prison, one for the murderers with guns, one for the new breed of hammer murderers, one for the pizza flyer mafia, one for all the husbands who kill their wives and one for all the women who seem to bury their husband in the herb garden,one for all the teens murdering and another   for the teen rapists, one for the teen animal killers arrested today, one the sociopaths who starve their children and put them in cages,  and many for the pedophiles …………………..a new yorker, once said , i’ve never seen anything like it ,you have a church on every corner in the s.c. foothills.orlando should have a prison on every corner.