Are we ever more than 500 feet from crime/ Universal Orlando

saturday night a tourist found a man in his car,manuel ceballos, 21 years old.he tackled ceballos to the ground , and waited for police. a car came by and asked the wife of the tourist for the black bag ceballos had.

inside this bag , police find 6 credit cards stollen at universal in 6 seperate incidents.i am looking at this parking garage just outside the hotel window.

even worse, every day you hear of terrible car accidents, where people die.people are always going the wrong way and drunk, but some involve cars landing on the roads below the road , on which they were traveling .you can’t possibly live, if that happens.i thought that only happened in nightmares or horror they decided to change a ramp to the opposite side of the road where it had always been and i thought that will cause even more accidents.walgreens has a one waystreet.two cars passed me one day  going the wrong way when i went into walgreens and two more going the wrong way, when i came out of walgreens.

earlier today, a 3 year old, Gabriel Jones, was killed in a 3 car accident.last tuesday, Brandon Lee Bradley crashed into a ditch after he murdered Deputy Barbara Pill a beloved police officer, for 3 decades, wife,mother of 2 officers and mother in law of crime scene technician….the crash allowed police to capture him and his girlfriend Kerchner.Bradley had stolen funiture from a hotel. he had 4 warrants for his arrest , but he used his brother’s ID to get out of jail. he  should  never have been walking the streets.