come by me sunshine

my grandmother said
wherever my father goes
the sun always shines.

“Come By Me” II

“you get excited

be my sunshine forever

we could run away”.

“smile like the sunrise

let me tell you i’m the type

anything i want”.
universal orlando friday’s
salted caramel

delights tongue of waitresses

they make you try cake.

caramel candy

since haloween’s beginning

red apples dipped.

Huge fight at Florida Mall

At 11pm, police are there in riot gear,  and on horses,helicopters, and orange county sheriff deputies, because of a shoe release, the Nike Foamposite One, 220.00. there was a huge crowd , so the store cancelled and everyone was upset.this could happen again saturday, because there is another shoe release scheduled.

A reporter said he set up cameras across the street and saw 50 police cruisers.the crowd was not leaving. the police ,on horseback were pushing a group of people away from the mall and he heard someone walk up to a policeman and ask if they were still releasing the shoes.

A few days before christmas there were riots all over the country, in seattle,new jersey, california,  and georgia over  an  Air Jordan release.tomorrow, i think they will say, this is the largest riot.