peaceful opossum

why shape perfect wye
opossum posing in his dream
sleeping ten to five

neck tail tip touching
forming ball parallel sea
changing point of view

facing me next pool
hammering causing him strife
sleeping in tree top

plantation opossum
how do you keep from falling
may i spoon with you

disturbing noises
cannot crawl out from under
adaptable friend

can’t imagine finding
new home in five minutes
gifted tranquil wise

valentine opossum
watching animal planet
sipping club soda

sharing lite lunch
“my heart BEETS for you salad”
icicle free nap

your heart won’t thank you
take fave opossum to lunch
heart cookie cutter

dagger through my heart
stalactites verse stalagmite
doesn’t matter which

self-possessed opossum
narcissistic traits
destroying roof crest

(he showed me his mask
animal dyslexia
he was a raccoon)

(still two syllables
too tired to change his name
raccoon plays opossum)

bob’s valentine burger specials IX

how deep (fried) is your love, how deep (fried) is your love
for this bee gee’s burger?

we will we will rock (lobster) you burger.

let’s get a physical, phsical after this greased lightning burger fried in coconut oil.

olivia newton john ny cake & Waterloo buffalo burger.
choice of :have you never been (marsh) mellow for desert or fig newton pie. drinks: please mr. pib please or Something Better To (mountain) Do.

like donny and marie ,she’s a little bit country and he’s a little bit rock n roll :the oliva newton john travoltaburger.

beauty school drop out burger served on Braided challah.

NOAA’s ARKIN burger: named for a pair of arkins : alan and adam.

Northern Exposure: adam and eve
wild alaskan salmon burger.

the wagner powers celery “Hart To artichoke Hart” burger.

the mary tyler perrier mooreburger, braised in perrier water.