lifeguard flip flops

everything funny
begins and ends at walmart
this may be the end

walmart for people
with very large shoes to fill
elevens only

flipping in the sand
one year four sizes too big
stolen one hour

twenty dollar flip
not three dollar walmart pair
did you lose something

yes lost my temper
you look like you lost something
very observant

a pair of lifeguards
deducing thoughts in your head
WAVElength frequency

Next Day

“find stolen shoes
next time leave at life guard stand”

“we don’t look behind us”
you watch people’s shoes?
“well no not really”

“but who is going
to steal from the lifeguard stand”
a sociopath ?

he transported me

shopping at walmart
almost everything you need
stay for the haiku

before entering
passing twin motorcycles
pre enter haiku

not even there yet
seventeen syllables flow
count in disbelief

he was telling me
how he spent only twenty
coming to myrtle

that was shocking too
all the way from kalamazoo
or tokyo

somewhere way out there
he knew i needed haiku
a total stranger

saving me money
he tried to give me the world
in those few seconds

I threw you haiku

universe order
synchronistically muses
speaking of seinfeld
my internist put
me on the no fly list
in the year two thousand
just a quick question
he asks do you have a
lighter or match ?

no, i’m sorry
wait i’m not sorry at all
have a doughnut instead .
“did you drop any meat”
i’m a vegetarian
“we’ll i guess not ”

(walmart haiku III )
squirrels entertaining
observing fourteen oak trees
chasing each other
proper cup of tea
you start saying things like this
british sitcoms
la bouche is amused
you must speak french when ordering
french onion soup
gracie thinks ” parakeets
read newspapers on the
bottom of their cage ”
“sunshine on my shoulder”
means a hole in the roof
and i’m not happy
you give me a
charismatic and i’ll give you
a sociopath


not just the beach , men shopping too

“They were Twenty”

“it’s like you’re in love
with her i thought you were
in love with me man”.

“second time you
run into her ” then a third
and a fourth.

this is my title & a haiku :

Country music star
ice cream section talking
whiskey on the Phone :

“just put a nipple
on a gallon jug
and hand it to him”.