Florida Hotel Tales

it barely rained for 6 months and now it rains and pours every day.a few days ago, a woman on the golf course was struck by lightning and now a man on the beach.i understand why people tell me , every home they look at ,to buy has mold.sundaythere was a cup of orange soda laying on the grass and today it was still there, even though last night it rained so hard you could not see.

do not disturb sign thieves are everywhere.if i had a nickel for every time, someone took mine….two have been stolen this week. the manager gave me two. he thought it was funny .he would really think it was funny if i told him, about someone locking the ladies room from the outside and putting a pet inside sticker on the door.

yesterday , there was a 68 year old flasher running around at a disney pool, victimizing young female children.. today there was a fire at a long term stay  orange county hotel, in which someone died. the deadly fire was on the second floor, while people were sleeping.some families lived there and lost belongings.

universals’s despecable me opens july 2nd.

this could ruin a vacation. channel 9 said there are 372 gangs with 7959 members. i don’t know if that is in central florida,the entire state of florida or on another planet.no, it seems it is only a certain region of florida, region 5, including :brevard, indian river, lake, martin,orange,osceola, saint lucie, seminole and volusia counties.channel 6 said in orange county, there are 1700- 1800 gang members in 70 active gangs.

36 thoughts on “Florida Hotel Tales

  1. I have pretty much always been in the hospitality business except for a few stints as a carpenter. These were very short periods lol, I never knew that about all the gangs in Florida, I always picture older people .

  2. it was a number of years ago; i do not remember the city, but the motel was on the beach in florida. it was one of the worst ones i’ve ever been to in my life. roaches everywhere. one morning, the maid told my friends and myself about the day they found a 50# bale of marijuana washed up on the beach. good times (and yes, i say that sarcastically.)

  3. Hey Errin. First I want to say thanks for the likes on my blog. Second, I have moved to Florida so I’m re-visiting your Florida stuff. I like it here so far, but, as Dave Barry would say, I’m not making this up, I found a dead rat in my driveway yesterday. Does this happen a lot in Florida? Is it some sort of Godfather thing? And where is the beach the pot washes up on? Questions, questions…

  4. I like your words and the stories they tell. At first glance they seem random, abstract and unconnected. But on my second reading i got a real sense of rhythm, then meaning.
    (i’m a sucker for juxtaposition)
    Your prose style is so much more than the sum of its parts. I’m a fan.

  5. I was born in South Florida, lived in a lot of places around the USA and then settled in North Florida. I never liked South Florida, even as a child. The flowers and tropical feel of it was great, but it’s so flat, boring and overcrowded. The kids wanted to go to Disney world, and later other people wanted to go to Disney World. After the 3rd time there and Epcot center was still showcasing hydroponics, I refused to go back. Disney World ruined Orlando, which used to have 60,000 people. There were miles of forest between Kissimmee and Orlando. Now? One side of the sign says “Orlando” and the other side says “Kissimmee.”

    I like living in a part of Florida where the majority of residents don’t have anything anyone would want to steal. 🙂

      • here’s an example…i was leaving the hospital & someone screamed & locked down hospital..they threw a dead body in the door by my room…when i got back to hotel,i found out the murderers had shot him across the street at universal orlando in his car & a bullet went through the hotel glass next door….
        that was one day ..10 months of that..the murderers killed his partner earlier & i think they still haven’t gone to jail…

        florida has casey anthony…murders of jessica lunsford,haleigh cummings & a million others.

        i will be back probably sat. night

  6. We stay in the middle of nowhere, panhandle for winter sunshine. You have to like each other and enjoy your own company as there isn’t much to do in the winter…bike, walk, kayak, beachwalk, read, mostly read before falling asleep in chill sunshine. I’ve been told that north is not Florida but deep south. It is not home but I feel more at home there than in southern Florida.

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