last resort : a mutiny in your mutiny & a haiku

like sam, i believe in you marcus (andre braugher).you’re my first favorite actor, since homicide, life on the street. always fun to can’t just say homicide:that isn’t. no one stops at just saying homicide, even though that would have been enough to know who you were talking about,at the time.

still my favorite actor of all time. why oh why did you have to go down with the ship. it wasn’t even a ship. it was a submarine, an unterwaserboot.i know. you wanted to be with your son. you just gave up. you should have sent yourself for psyche evaluation. i know it wasn’t your fault.the viewers gave up. maybe there are just too many channels.
now i will be upset , until you come back to life in another movie.

the psychopath that is serat should have been placed in your clothes and locked on the sub and you on an island somewhere in those sunglasses laughing. serat should have been executed , before he killed the first soldier. he causes ninety percent of the island problems/ horrors.

speaking of psychopaths, there was another fine upstanding weapons dealer, who had thoughts of grandeur.

1. what psychopaths don’t understand is that everyone does not think like they do. you raise your daughter in the family business. you think she will murder her loving boyfriend for you and the evil president, so you leave a gun in the desk . hah! fortunately she takes after her mother. unfortunately, the boyfriend kills himself anyway, to save her. so very sad. lessened a tiny bit when kylie takes the gun and kills the evil president and saves the world.

2.this is very important ,i have always thought if you don’t want to go out with someone, be very polite.don’t say go jump in the lake.say something polite like i only go out with people who have new york accents . if you don’t, you will end up with a COB, who rapes, murders or is a serial killer, a congressman ,blows up ships , ruins lives and you will be partially responsible. i am holding you resonsibe and almost everyone else will, also .

there was no last resort from a man ,who knew the mind of his enemy and could charm with the bible or understanding.

(last resort)

glass of sun red flash

dashing man omnipotent

going down with sub.

knowing mind of foe

until the end when your sole

thought to be with son.

Zimmerman released 4/ 23

1:04 am wesh 2 is reporting zimmerman has been released. no other stations, so i guess they will be saying all day ,we exclusively reported this…..1: 08 am they aren’t reporting this breaking news anymore?1;46 am , local 6 ,zimmerman released, ( breaking ,at bottom of the screen) but he was released around midnight.they made a bigger deal this winter when one night the temperature went down to 45 degrees.they had the beep beep, beep, breaking news….there are no live reports. hln said they were going to be at  the jail ….i could not figure out what that meant , when they show reruns all week-end.maybe, we will be there and show the tape, to you monday or we will hope it happens monday. i long for the days when you could watch the runaway bride live at 4 am.i wasted my birthday worrying about that mishuginah.

watch all the different channels and see how they all say different things. one thing they all had in common was to all show the wrong pictures. why did they all show a very heavy  zimmerman for nearly 2 months ,and a 14 year old trevon, even after they had  a thinner zimmerman and an older trevon. in most cases it doesn’t matter , but it did in this case. the weight anyway.

the misreporting:over and over and over on cnn / hln the talking heads  yelled that george didn’t go in an ambulance , so that meant his head wasn’t bleeding… friday abc claimed exclusive rights to the picture of zimmerman’s bleeding head. hln said they were not going to show it because it was upsetting. i don’t think i believe nancy. i think they have told us what to believe for 2 months and they are going to keep it that way. there are a lot of people tired of watching the coverage every 10 minutes and already believe what reporters have told us and aren’t watching. this is a case for the can’t make up what you want to be true. well you can but it isn’t right.maybe abc wouldn’t give cnn the picture , i don’t know, but i don’t believe nancy’s reason.cnn does everything  and anything for ratings.last week they had an hour about the news showing what people want to see, instead of what they need to see..

i have to put this in florida travel because trevon was visiting’s dangerous to travel in florida.