Tunnels Are For Love


eight a m friday
hamas will let missiles fly
if if if if if

their manifesto
typewritten “kill all the jews”
glee when their own die

it will be too late
when west starts reporting
journalists were threatened

photos hamas
military headquarters
al shifra hospital

executed thirty
dragged man through the streets
on their motorcycles

can’t unsee picture
if you think of “collaborating”
we kill you

funds to help gaza
instead hamas used import weapons
build tunnels

“ninety percent
still alive had hamas agreed
to same cease fire”

watching two souls float
parachutes fall from the sky
a calm peaceful sight

if in middle east
hamas coming to kill me
probably here soon

if shakespeare was alive
today he would say
kill all the religions


“Italian journalist defies Hamas” algemeiner.com

after he was far away from hamas, was able to tell he witnessed hamas misfire & kill 9 children at Shati camp.

two Wall Street journal correspondents “deleted photographs implicating hamas as using Al Shifra Hospital as military headquarters” . using hospitals in a war crime. a “french reporter was interrogated at this hospital”.

“every report on tv should have said reporters were threatened by hamas”

this will never happen, unless maybe it will be on page 96 too late minds don’t change.

Investigativeproject.org & timesofisrael.com:

hamas said to have just assassinated, in last few days,30 “suspected collarobators ” with israel.

Hannity / Fox :

3500 missiles fired at israel. have to deal with this everyday, since creation . they were coming over the gate to murder jews. now through tunnels. probably parachutes next. i saw dumb guys say things i won’t repeat, but you would have us just sit there and be murdered . use your head, why do you think hamas put the tunnels inside civilian homes & hospitals & mosques. no one cared for forty years & no one cared when they came through the tunnels & murdered the teens. and now the mother of a hamas , said she is proud of her son if he killed the teens…..

you would not sit still. look what goes on in america after one terrorist attack in 911. other countries didn’t shout stop trade with US. i’m not making light of one attack, everyone i know knew someone who died in that building or was there. my cousin was a colonel at the pentagon , when it happened & i had an israeli friend he worked there. my former boyfriend worked at one police plaza, in new york, next door, but he was also at the pentagon that day.my chiropractor’s cousin was killed that day in the building. my boyfriend heard the plane that hit the pentagon go over his condo. i was 1.5 miles away, asleep.

isreal cries over killing any life, not just children & they also take in the wounded. hamas would behead you & celebrate every dead jew and their own citizens . standing there with their cameras , beacause they knew exactly what would happen. every day you hear hamas on CNN . we do not want it to stop, when the interviewer would say the killing can stop. they say NO.

“hamas are the original suicide bombers” quoting my friend here.

(please no comments. i have bitten my tongue longer than i can.i am only talking to two dumb american guys . one called jews, hitler)