hamantaschen ocd

this is what happens on sleep deprivation day five:

“i woke up in love this morning
i woke up in LOVE this morning”
with a ha man TA schen on my mInd.

and a haiku:
(i’ve heard it a million times)

most repelled by prune

apricot or raspberry

opium poppy.

you can watch david cassidy on antenna tv and then his father jack cassidy on me tv’s bewitched.
he sings : fly me to the moon ,in sabrina’s ear and she does.

most little girls were in love
with keith partridge, but i was in love with mr. dimples himself, jack cassidy.

there are a few haikus in there somewhere george and gracie

inside his hotel room ,mobster kidnapped gracie,served tunaloaf ,then let her go. george to gracie “why would they kidnap harry von zell”?

“well i don’t know maybe

the hotel was pushing

tuna loaf today”.

Always funny backward
thoughts when everyone else
is going forward.

(antenna tv)
she comes on again at one
always count on lots of fun
when theres no myrtle beach sun
don’t worry this is almost done

her mind is made of pun
guaranteed it will you stun
enjoy with cinnamon bun
and sorrow, you will have none