lizard loves jazz haiku

green anode lizard
haven’t seen you in ages
what’s up on your wall

don’t get a splinter
striking out the other day
dear lizard warning

labor day labor
fireworks and cookouts top
he’ll still be vaping

lifeguards have to work
bouncers have to bounce you out
porgy and bess sing

“fish gotta swim, birds
gotta fly, i’ve got to love
one man til i die”

really not a law
never love a narcissist
love the one you’re with

two and a half hours
guiness book of world records
vaping hall of fame

love the saxophone
you will now be entering
love of friday jazz


butterflies and dragonflies haiku

see you everywhere
butterflies and dragonflies
the dance of ballet

twenty to fifty
dragonflies fly at one time
on the same level

queen victoria
breezing around each other
mating waltz of love

should be holding sleeping masks
and the eyes have it

you all look alike
do you have the same feelings
marry brother’s wife

minuet minute
the manhattan of beaches
among the sea oats

“i bet if you give
that shark a big hug and kiss
it will stop Caleb”

“let’s go to the beach”
if you are not at the beach
why is there a shark

“cigars cigarettes”
most likely to not succeed
as a cigar girl

they would fire you
after first nanosecond
and who could blame them

two planes are flying
advertising the same time
one plane flies higher

the noisiest plane
selling geico and lobsters
neither one kosher

low flying seagulls
would you like to carry signs
it pays handsomely


men who stare at lightning & ducks who stare down at you

a really big deal
when men say there is lightning
get out of the pool

where are they to say
pointing to the sky of light
suddenly mission

adults with babies
you should get out of the pool
choose not full mission

stay away from glass
even i stand by the glass
air trumps lightning

after storm ceases
left to your own devices
back into the pool

just look to the right
one beak looking down at you
two mrs. mallards

thinking of swimming
very slow thought processes
are we related

one jumps tally ho
and then the second follows
just the three of us

there is no splashing
highly recommend duck mates
eye level photo

camera duck wishes
crab crawling on the bottom
wednesday now sunday