Bury your husband in the herb garden and not be arrested

Lie to your neighbors about where he is and to your daughter who lives across the street for months and you still will not be arrested. even after the police find your husband, that apparently is still not enough to be arrested. only after the autopsy showed  Benny Scott was bound on his hands and legs and his face covered with a bag and shot was Barbara Scott finally arrested.

if you would like to know what you will be arrested for in Orlando, it would be drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.i remember now hearing this shortly after i  arrived in december.Timothy Osmar a protestor was locked up for three weeks for writing on the sidewalk.On december the 16th, he wrote “justice equals liberty”. Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel wrote no one else has ever been locked uo for this.i clearly remember staring at the tv,. like it was an idiot and getting angry thinking about this apparently not a joke, when dale smith had been running around as the only murder suspect of michele parker for a month.

even worse today i remember thanksgiving and the nine days after, when the  100’s of Avatar criminals and victims were here at the doubletree hilton and they were walking past me to go eat lunch and i tried to get out of the stampede and walked by this very nice father ,playing with his two adorable impatient girls. he was drawing a hopscotch diagram in chalk ,in the bus parking lot next to the  hotel ballrooms.he was not an avatar. he didn’t act or look like a stepford wife or carry a colored book satchel, that i  am guessing tells how much money you were scamed for by the pyramid scheme sociopaths.today i realize that poor man could have been arrested, while the 100’s if not 1000’s roam free stealing money repeatedly from people in many different countries , 3 times at year at just this universal orlando doubletree. they have seminars everywhere.until yesterday,the last time i was outside, Terry Guerrier was murdered. yeserday , saturday  at 4 pm it was 75 degrees and the wind was blowing 15-20 mph. maybe 30 seconds after i opened the door, i smelled onions and  walked behind this car, the only car in the parking lot and they quickly slammed the door. my brain is so slow; finally i realized oh no , not again.that isn’t onions,it’s marijuana ,again, in broad daylight.am i always in the wrong place at the wrong time.why am i in the hospital when terry guerrier is murdered. am i the only person who has seen someone , in orlando write with chalk . i don’t think so.i think we are less than 500 feet from crime .

in 1979, it was believed John Good had murdered his girlfriend. his car was later found in orlando.for over 30 years he was running around. not until he murdered his second girlfriend , was he arrested.  this entire time he was using a fake name, bob jay parson. now at age 69 he has just been sentenced to only 25 years, for both murders..all he had to do was change his name. last week i would have thought, there are so many murders here every day, the police have no time.if you give them a pizza flyer criminal on a silver platter, they don’t care.. oh well ,they are too busy with murders, but when you start thinking about this chalk foolishness, you get very angry and very confused.

Florida hotel tales


Obviously the world would be a better place if everyone had compassion, and i politely said yes, while thinking only a sociopath would think he can teach compassion.you are born with compassion.maybe i should punch her in the nose for assuming i don’t have any.

i was just sitting quietly looking at a palm tree, minding my own business.she explained she comes to this hotel 3 times a year for these seminars she goes to other states half the year, and she has been working for avatar 20 + years.i had to find out how she was being paid. she invited me to go listen free in a few days, when the others arrived. these top 20 people , who had faces like stepford wives were talking , still, on their computers…they just had a vegan thanksgiving at the leader’s house.

i look up avatar and find words like pyramid scheme, scientologist reject,cult and then i look at the card she gave me….it says you can talk to aliens…i turned the computer off, when i saw some kind of water flotation coffin, to stop you from thinking…the hotel reservation expert told me they invited her to a seminar , last year and i told her not to go, because it says they don’t believe in medicine..they take your medicine away.. she is diabetic…the next day we laughed for hours , after she googled this and said they make you run around  a pole for 9 hours, if they find your medicine…and i was sure i had seen 3 of their bouncers at lunch and i rrealized why they were with the avatars…

it was 9 days of torture and 3 more tried to kidnap me, for lack of a better word.the waitresses complained they did not tip…i said there is that compassion …one table told her , we do not need your assistance..

i almost wish they had kidnapped me, when the restaurant went to every avatar table and gave them coupons for free buffets,.. every table except mine and i eat there almost every day.