tiny toosie’s pool party

everyone’s happy
father holds floating baby
on her back she coos

tiny fingers tap
pint size ripples blue water
awake in this wake

chirping around pool
singing thunder in palm tree
railing stairs cement

little birds flying
modern version moon river
a disney movie

“let’s sing and shout
shake your body down to the ground”
in his pink towel

“i better take this off
i’ll get beat up if i
wear this out of here”

(joke and a haiku
anytime is the right time
man in pink towel)

no one knows who i am
simply because i am not
pink anymore

1 800 j – u – s – t – a – s – k


sitting on lounge chair
she gets out of the pool
and sits down on his lap

she takes his arms
and wraps them around her
she’s sixty , he’s seventy

he pushes her down
so he can read the paper
lower in the chair

everyone is here
can i burgle N.J.
steal all their accents

twins one, blue swimsuts
pretending circle bulls eye floats
white mushroom hats

three little girls
asking if they can color with me
sit at table

wanting to say no
to the ten year old who asked
instead said of course

southerners do that
“have you ever been bullied”
yes by you daily

splashed my sunglasses
turned the cold water on me
screaming in my ear

now screaming again
a little trouble maker
her parents also

daddy yelled at her
told her it wasn’t funny
whatever she did

hiding in deep end
where she took it out on me
with the cold water

really she was asking
another little girl
about bullying

“the first eight callers
you get this for free”
then he lifts up his baby

out of the water
everyone hearing his plea
must have octuplets