the vacationing Mango Macaw


bonswa my friends
if you left wonderful haiku
need slow translation

do not want to sleep
with you in the desert tonight
it’s not peaceful

can not stop writing
and when i try to leave
mango macaw appears

this , the fifth haiku
just too many things to tell
buy stock in ink wells

since i had no more paper
that i didn’t want to know

Fin originally

on her shoulder
bright macaw is fluttering
cannot believe dream eyes

trying to pull her top off
you want to say lady
don’t you feel her

she knows because
she finally twisted her shirt
over her hips

seeing everything
you can bring your pet macaw
to the cement pond

mango flies to grandmother
lounging on lounge chair
perches left shoulder

thinking john denver
would sing ” mango on my shoulder
makes me happy”


fruit of the vine color test line

pineapple palm tree
you are sculpted perfectly
juicy pineapple

lasso strength hanging
bananas, yellow apples
from your green lulav

already fashioned
needing only fruit and wine
drunken underneath

always a drum beating
expecting betty white
in the proposal

obliging blackbird
shooed away by man in blue
boomerangs again

mr. mullet
“is not holding his mouth right”
not catching any fish

saying it’s too hot
blaming me for the rough waves
using green test line

younger friend has red
should be the law so you don’t
end up like marie

the only thing
mr. mullet caught the first day
was sun poisoning

interrupting chirping
adorable many
five mini three feet