love you brandy

five kites an airplane
as far as the eye can see
winds of eleven

” i don’t know the reason
i stay here all season”
without a tattoo

d j’s ginger ale
jimmy buffet colada
“toes are in the sand”

chef,please come tonight
having barbecued chicken

corn on the cob
baked beans cole slaw and biscuits
allergic to them all

except the beans
but there’s no such thing as beans
without pork in the south

need to rethink
running out of foods you can eat
in the universe

drunk on ginger ale
“getting drunk on an airplane
tell them kiss my _ _ _”

why can they say _ _ _
not guy with toes in the water
blank in the sand ?

“didn’t neil diamond
sing a song named brandy”
asking the wrong person

named my dog brandy
what a good dog he would be
wasn’t a sailor

that song makes a mist
cannot bear it here at sea
when you were little

“play that funky music
white boy play that funky music
til you die”