Too much concern with being sued at expense of others

three incidents happened in the same day,march 4th.i had been trying to call a dr. in another room , but the phone wasn’t working. i asked the manager how to dial, because the directions , on the phone obviously weren’t right. he called an ambulance.he came up and told me. he could be sued if he knocked on a room. or called a room.he also said i needed an ambulance. first, i have seen them dial rooms for other people many times.i said the dr was my friend.i ididn’t want to go to a hospital ,they could kill me, not knowing what to do  (and i had such a high fever i couldn’t explain anything}.he also said he could be sued for not calling an ambulance, when he saw how ill i was.later i was thinking about the clerk and police ( 3 males)banging on my room in november at 3;45 am . now i know they could have been sued for’s always at my expense.then, 12 hours later,when i came back i needed something in my room and the clerk said he was not allowed to go into my room, because he was a man.another lawsuit rule? why didn;t he remember that in november at 3;45 am , when he scared me half to death.

then i am in the ER and a dr had told me to put my allergies in my handbag. i know i kept saying they are in my purse, but not only did no one go into my handbag, but the nurse said “don’t worry, you are in the right place , we will just give you some benadryl”. five days later i realized they don’t want to go in your purse, because they can be sued.the last time i was in the hospital for the same reason, in fairfax, va, they gave me something i was allergic to and my left side and tongue and mouth and face went numb and no one could come help me, because everyone was with a new baby having, would they rather be sued for your death from anallergicreaction than whatever small amount they might have to pay for whatever a person could sue for about a’s always at my expense and ridiculous.this all happened in orlando, but at every hospital in virginia, maryland or florida.they always have to take xrays , because they could be sued. every time, you lay there in pain for hours, then they want to waste time on unnecessary x rays . i always say i will sign anything , but there is no obstruction you do not need x rays.i already glow in the dark, my dr has said since 1989. why do i have to risk cancer , because they only care about being sued, not the patient’s best interest.