Baby Names : Xerxes Zeus and Carl Ripken

hot pink frisbee
fly right here across the sky
across the sea you must

“who’s on vacation”
sunshine on a cloudy day
“who’s from out of town”

wait just a second
aren’t those the same things
vacation and out of town ?

meaning to pretend
i was on vacation
second week of july

always my parents
before i can remember
so did my in-laws

staying next door
to each other when i was little
husband and i

“i’ve seen more of carl
ripken senior since he retired
than junior”

haiku by thee sea
thanks for the syllables jim
even about sports

dexter xerxes and zeus
top of baby names list
“if we had a boy”

i’m still at a loss
you should write what you don’t know
and sports i don’t know

and if you knew xerxes
like i know xerses oh
oh oh what a king

“you’re asking me
what’s for dinner at 4:30
go ask your father”


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