honesty in computer advertising

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unfriended by three people

don’t have facebook.

it was funny when they told me this friday .what if i did have a facebook account and the three people who unfriended me were casey, george and cindy anthony. why would i pay facebook money to tell me, who unfriended me. maybe i should instead pay someone to help me be nicer,so that didn’t happen.

in the last year, in 4 different states, maryland, virginia, florida and s.c. , as soon as you turn the computer on, there is an ad that says wherever you are : there is something you need to know about driving in (your state here)…it’s the same ad in eash state, like they are doing something special for only that state…

and then there is the one that i really don’t like.it’s email.i have an account that is used for only one person, my divorce attorney. every day there are ads for different attorneys in that city.and i have to wait a long time, before the ads let me read the email. i already have an attorney , why would i need another. why are you reading my email, because that is the only reason, you would know . i don’t even live there.

tim osmar :chalk it up to logic

eighteen days in jail for writing on the sidewalk.i can’t get upset anymore about putting a guy in jail for writing on the sidewalk with pink chalk that washes away or can i..?i didn’t realize osmar had done this twice. it’s a little disrespectful to write in front of orlando’s city hall and the orange county courthouse, but to put him in jail and allow people like jesse davis,shooting a man 6 times, hector rodriquez,michael marshall and sharon glass to keep their son in a cage starved and their other children,allowing doreen dufresne to be out killing a second husband,tyrone powell, aaron golson, willie henderson, the faella’s, dale smith,julio contreras, and i am only going back to march.wandering around killing people and not be locked up, when they all have many arrests,that’s what is so ridiculous. these people were allowed to be on the outside and murdered people ,when they should have been in the much needed jail space osmar was using..

first amendment attorney for osmar says it best:” i am thrilled the crime rate in orlando is so low the city of orlando has time to imprison people for drawing ,on the sidewalk in chalk”, in the orlando sentinel by mark schlueb.

a judge ruled the city of orlando had no right to arrest the man for writing with chalk, according to channel 9.osmar was paid  6000.00 in damages and his 3 attorneys split 35,000. the city of orlando also had to pay two law firms to defend the city 83,293.00 and 72,070.00.i don’t believe they will be arresting anyone else with pink chalk.

jesse davis and julio contreras,2 failures of the system

another teen is murdered., julio sesar contreras tarelo was arrested for shooting,17 year old Erik Melchor Bueno.the only thing police are saying is that the teen went to a house to wash clothes and was murdered in broad daylight. 

on april 20th, contreras was arrested for principal aggravated battery with a firearm.may 30th the state attorney’s office allowed him to go.this is exactly what happened with jesse davis.as soon as they were allowed to go they murder teens.they let davis go after he shot donovan dirocco 6 times in front of witnesses, after he had been arrested 6 times for drugs and 11 times for robbery and 7 times for battery among other arrests.

do they not see the patterns. do they not know what sociopaths are….you shouldn’t be in office if you don’t.a few weeks ago, one politician said hindsight is 20/20.really? a blind monkey could see what will happen if you let them out and when, it will happen.now i have a third  blame. i was only  blaming the sociopath and not enough room in the prisons, in casey anthony’s case , i blame the jury and wish we had professional jurors.how can the average person know what to do, when professional doctors and lawyers try to influence them.they went to school for many, many years to confuse the jury, for whatever side they are working to defend.

casey anthony gained so much weight

larry flynt took back his 500,000 offer to pose in hustler.the guy who stood in front of the courthouse with the will you marry me sign had to get a new job to pay for the gold to enlarge her engagement ring. casey and misty croslin can  no longer fit in the same cell…i’m just joking, but people are asking you to make up your own casey anthony is so fat joke.channel 9 at 11;00 pm said casey anthony is so fat she is unrecognizable.no one has pictures.

also in todays news, if that is news jose baez is going to represent charlie ely in her murder conviction appeal, as one of 5 teens who is said to have beaten and shot and burned the body and put the remains into paint cans of a 15 year old Seath Jackson.it took one hour and 15 minutes for the jury to find ely guilty. there was a taped confession.teens committed this horrible crime.

the first 10 minutes of news is nothing but car accidents. that is how many accidents there are.

in december and now again in june, if you use your cretid card, in orlando,you will probably be asked for identification, even if it is only for 5.00 because so many people steal them.

Drum major ,Robert Champion murdered

this is the most heartbreaking ,painful disgusting murder:i can’t bear to think about ,since it happened. Robert’s mother talked to her son every night. now she will spend the rest of her life,each night in pain not only ,because she can’t ever talk to him again,but thinking of the horror of 13 monsters beating her son to death.the unimaginable pain he endured.

also disgusting is the maximum of 6 years for those of the 13, who have not been charged with other crimes. fox reports 10 have now been arrested, but channel 9 said 8…Aaron Golson was arrested in talahassee in december, for breaking Bria Hunter’s thigh. how are you supposed to march in the marching band with a broken thigh.Caleb Jackson is already in another jail for battery.

hazing  and bullying are too kind and stupid words for murder.every channel is saying the school tried to cover this up and tell the defendants what to say, so they would not be charged with murder….the laws are supposed to be logical. there is no logic here.if you can only give each person 6 years for this murder, you are encouraging groups of people to murder.why would jesse davis murder 2 people and go to prison for life,when the entire gang as a whole could do this instead and only get 6 years each.murders will be a lot more painful and the sociopaths will only go to jail for 6 years each . then they can murder many more people, each time they leave prison.

they say 1 out of 25 people are sociopaths, 4 of 100, 3 men and 1 woman.how many sociopaths are in this band?hazing has been going on for many years . no one has ever stopped this.it’s 2012 and people are still as barbaric as henry the VIII.how do you stand there and have no empathy.some people might be scared or stupid enough to go along with the crowd, but these people grow up to ruin companies like donald trump, throw women away like cupcake wrappers, make almost racist comments about the president, call rosie o donnel names because she is taking women away from him or they probably murder again.

all we seem to be doing, in florida is thinking up ways to keep people out of prison.yesterday it was  the prosecution saying Jesse Davis had mental problems , from his last arrest….i don’t think i have ever heard a prosecutor say someone has mental problems.today it’s not calling this brutal murder  a murder and only a maximum of 6 years ….does this have anything to do with  the outcome of the casey anthony trial?every defense attorny was running around saying the case was overcharged.(what do you expect them to say. if we had professional jurors , she would be in prison).now, we are undercharging.

Florida’s wild kingdom

another shark bit  the hand of a  man today, reported on local channels.his friend tried to drive him to the hospital but they had to call an ambulance.is there an invisible ocean here in orlando?

then they showed a monkey on the loose,in the trees of woods.novenber 23rd, they were searching for a rhesus monkey,on the loose in palm coast.february 7th, a monkey was captured in sanford.

four months ago,a bear was wandering around here. they said watch out.never a word if it was caught.a month ago, 24 minutes from orlando,Terri Gurley was bitten by a bear at longwood apartments, when she went to throw trash away. officials say she wasn’t attacked  it was a close encounter. well they don’t have to sit like she does on her close encounter.i think she would say differently.it wasn’t like the bear was a sociopath and thought i’m going to go hurt someone,like casey anthony or marcus wayne hunt. she was probably trying to protect her food and her baby . nevertheless she received the death penalty. no judge; no jury. they were going to put her baby in jail, when they found the cub.

april the 14th,according to the orlando sentinnel , sixteen minutes after leaving jail, in tampa,” marcus wayne hunt hit a man in the face and took his 190.00 bicycle.we have enough prisons for animals but not  for people.

so we have enough sense to catch these animals because they might harm  more people, but not enough to see the criminals who are going to destroy  more people than they already have, if you don’t lock them up.drew peterson is going to marry another woman and kill her ,if you let him out.there may even be a mathematical psychological equation for the probability of this.he was allowed to run around until some time after he killed 2 wives.josh powell was not able to be captured after he murdered his wife and that’s why susan’s children were murdered also.dale smith was the leader of a gang , who murdered a man .had he been in jail ,michelle parker would be alive with her 3 children , where they belong.

Drive by shootings in cars

instead of  on horses; that’s the main difference in orlando and the wild west. earlier today they shot at a halfway house , for federal inmates who had 6 months to a year left on their sentences,hit a worker inside, then set their car on fire.

doreen dufresne tried to hire someone to kill her husband. yesterday it was  said her first husband killed himself.then they reported he killed himself by taking antifreeze slowly over time. now police are going to investigate the first husband’s death. today, they report the ME said no the case is closed, unless someone asks them to reopen…has anyone ever in the history of the world killed themself slowly by drinking antifreeze over time, slowly torturing  themself ?hello, she just tried to kill this husband.

poor casey anthony must feel so left out of the news,with all of these new murder cases every day she decided to announce she wants to be baptised. that got her a 7 second mention on tv.

when you sign the petition to arrest zimmerman , it says trayvon martin  once saved his father’s life.zimmerman and his family are in hiding as he has had many death threats. now, everyone is screaming to take his gun away.

Cindy P. Anthony

you have such beautiful long red hair and stand 7’2″ ,90 pounds.

i am not going to say i don’t believe you are going to go lie in court again, because where do you think your psychopathic lying daughter learned to lie we cannot wait to hear the explanation of casey using zanaida ‘s NY license plate number.anyone who dares to cross you or your child , with the truth deserves to be called fat and ugly.

it’s hard to forget where you are, when Morgan and Morgan commercials are on tv every day.why are there not logical laws?if someone is accused of murder and they blame someone else, who they know did not commit the crime,you should go to jail period.that should be a crime.that’s what sociopaths do.they blame someone else and cause that person a lot of pain and waste the time of police, and money for searches, and even worse causes innocent people to go to jail or the electric chair..susan smith blames an african american man and then every modern day sociopath started doing that,joran van der sloot blamed others.,casey anthony,scott peterson……casey also blamed her father , when he realized the truth,and the person, who found the body.

it sometimes takes years to catch the murderer and then somtimes they are not convicted, but they would be in jail for wrongly blaming others.police would have less wasted time searching,more money and maybe the crimes would even be solved faster.and defense attorney’s might even have fewer innocent people to blame.

Florida casey anthony hotel tales

it seems as if  many local people have their own stories of casey anthony.this is one of those stories.

a friend said her uncle works at a dr’s office ,in the area and he was helping a patient ,with a leg problem.she and her husband went to jail, because her husband grew marijuana, at their home. she said this lady was in the same jail with casey anthony and casey sent her  30 letters. they all talked about casey using chloroform to kill caylee. the police read these letters and said there was nothing they could do. they couldn’t use these in court, because casey lies.

Florida hotel tales

the manager of a hotel restaurant apologized , because they were so busy. he said it was one of those crazy seminars, where you pay a lady 1000.00 to teach how to get wealth.

he said they teach you to be kind and he was born knowing that, why should he give her 1000.00. i told him, i said the same thing about those avatar uncompassionate people.

i thought he was talking about the organo gold people , who are also here, but he hasn’t seen them…i was given coffee and tea friday and told about homeless people ,working for the company driving mercedes….haven’t figured out of they are legitimate.. i looked up the ingredients and when i wrote organo gold the word scam popped up and  it seems like every other post is good or every other post is bad.you can get 30 teabags for 30.00 or your can join for 249.00 and sell coffee to people.

the manager, waiter and i were talking about casey anthonys too many people have, for the last 3  + years. the waiter said he was a guardian angel and when they were rioting at the anthony home, he was trying to help and george gave them water.

i said i remeber seeing george spray water from his hose at an old lady and he shook his head yes.he said the rioters were just people , who wanted to be on tv.

the police are sitting across the street, and they can see the door the pizza flyer criminals are using to ask people to let them inside. i wish they could find out who the bosses are rom these arrests and then maybe it would stop, but what do i know.when they get out of jail, they will just find some-thing worse to do.