sea above sea

light blue atop white
perfectly symmetrical
cotton clouds swimming

ocean in the sky
almost covering puffy clouds
above ocean

a nickel each time
asking is this jacuzzi
or baby pool

saying it’s warmer
sitting in the baby pool
seven adults

far enough away
you can hear the ocean
chirpy little palm birds

happily dancing
haiku waves reminding
seventeen syllables

Whocouldknowthen once
saying ” what isn’t a haiku
to you errin”

and Jeff “didn’t
understand comment it wasn’t
in form of haiku”

man who stopped
to pick me up noticed
i was having trouble breathing

he has a good eye
usually unperceptive
“you look wonderful”

roger over and
out, briefs “there are plenty
of first responders here”

look like a tourist
thought i was on vacation

seems like a good time
to see if mr. mullet
is catching any

for some reason
he has september and october
mixed up this year

not catching fish chat
“the preacher man was looking
for you and missed you”

conversion by the sea
and ye shall go to heaven
in a humvee


black hawk up

october again
when blackbird sits on blue rope
sipping pool chlorine

witnesses this year
two women who see this sight
so close to the sea

black hawk up purposely
flew into long stretching
year of dragon cloud

puff the magic dragon
they say he lived by the sea
can see whale’s tail

inside puff’s blowhole
those three swimming black minnows
think they were shadows

moist sand softening
fibromyalgia heaven
tempurpedic toes

kayak hasn’t moved
for many hours sea is calm
maybe an anchor

that’s a white seashell
tern, tern, tern , no not breadcrumbs
mr. tern, tern, tern

when you learn to play
C-dog will accompany
your flute with a howl

he may “tiptoe through
your tulips” while you play
his ukulele though

Byrds / Turn Turn Turn

“there is a season
a time to every purpose
swear it’s not too late”

the fairest of all skies


not one single cloud
baby blue sky surrounding
one mile to each side

telling second spring
purple babies top cacti
hot pink flowers pop

one white puffy cloud
slowly creeping behind
he will float all alone

diagonal fish
minnow in the making
swim slow see our city

swim fast see our jail
father’s expression with drive
slow see our city

this what jail bait means?
bait fish who swim too fast
will be sent to prison

they wiggle their tale
thanking for the atkins bars
no, thank-YOU they’re dry


marooned cloud pillows


oyster tiara
pearl cumulonimbus clouds
gentle sleeping squirrel

dove flies over dream
always white fish float in sky
changing formation

squirrel’s round cotton nose
adorable snoring breaths
minnows push half moon

white cheddar popcorn balls
holding the world above
all in their places

seventeen winds
changing popcorn balls cover
volcanic eruptions


On Our Balcony


“it isn’t tragic
to die doing what you love”
if it’s doing you

who said that ?
first two lines are from Brooklyn Taxi
in silly haiku

parachutes floating
watch three hovering in clouds
from my balcony

feels like forever
floating side to side for so long
drifting to earth

where did they come from
did they descend from heaven
or was there a plane

and there are four more
plane carrying sign flew by
can’t believe again

half hour later
but men are high above plane
so that isn’t it

coming from white clouds
not knowing how or why
magical parachute

three four and four
why isn’t there a cover charge
heavenly floor show