Pearl not only an oyster

three people standing
one foot apart shaking head no
saying no son

pony tails flashing in pool
dolphin somersaults

fourth person looks at me
laughing synchronized shaking

everyone else sits
watching children as they swim
sam’s family stands

” they gonna rock down
to electric avenue
they’ll take it higher”

“relax don’t do it”
no one will take your pretzel
bird flying the coup

“chris james at your command
til 3:30 today
how low can you go”

trish rules tiki bar
“you take care of her and she
will take care of you”

fall in love with you
under the blue skies of spring
favorite lizard

why can’t you find us
some place where you bobblehead
dance your lizard dance

a cousin It day
wind blowing hair in your face
turn around lounge chair

“carolina girl
sweet Pearl” my mother always
“girls best in the world”