chloe the cow haiku

friendship forever

enjoys standing in cole slaw

“most important kind”.


too close to the edge

perhaps falling in water

jealous of puppy.

“do it again” diana krall

“please do it again

hold me close all through the night

you won’t regret it.

i may say no no

cry oh but no one can hear

just do it again”.

“dead in the water”

“like the old man said

you’re dead in the water man

simple act of faith”.

“doodlin” & a moo ku

(moo ku) commercial:

cow in the shower

“you can’t stop lookin at me”

real milk rap artist.



“usin’ the phone booth

you caught while coppin a wink

makin a few calls.
waiter got silly

doodlin usin’ the linnen

told me to please quit.
talkin to my man

and then you draw what you think

had me arrested.
told me to be cool

he put his arms around me

look at the waiter”.

(this is one snappy musical notes on the computer…
dada da dada – 5’s
dada da dada……
dada da dada dada…7’s)

jim cramer will wake you up

“morning in haiku”

jim cramer wakes you

larry david keeps you up

marathon til three.

prostate man stomping

ceiling of paper mache

interfering men.
things his parents said

trousers slacks, ishkabibble

will emulate jim.

call me anything

don’t call me late for dinner

poor boy but good boy.
do haiku wake you


listless tiresome feeling.

slumber’s little joke

bottom pillow moves to top

how did this happen.

phoport’s photograph

cow asking for oreo

already has milk.