Stray No More

Sometimes, time can be the biggest commodity around the shelter. Feeding time, potty time, play time ……. Picture time!

Ralphie 1069765-1Today, we had a very shy little boy. We didn’t have many on the list,  so we were able to spend some extra time with Ralphie. At first he hung at Donna’s side and was very apprehensive about everything. But then after many treats, kind soft words and praise, he just became a fun loving little dog.  His tail slowly came out from the tucked position, his head lifted and he figured out quickly that if he paid attention then he would get rewarded.

For us it was so very rewarding to see this little guy blossom and show his true personality. We even got a smile from him, at least I am calling it a smile.

For our part at the shelter, we are usually in the middle of the…

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lovely day III Jay 2


we travel first class
in the cockpit or by sea
like barbara streisand

happy on liquor
she was in her element
grandmother speaking

this is the best part
they were at the mayflower
breakfast in d.c.

grandma kept seeing
people with children leaving
she did not know why

thought this a buffet
no one looked at the menu
seventy five bucks

we are all laughing
he told grandma to take
the entire cheesecake

he asked me
“don’t you think that’s too much”
of course two thousand and fourteen

buffet to die for
ritz carlton only fifty
but please do not die

and then one day
grandpa wanted to get jay 2
tickets for his son

the guy at the box office
said we don’t have any
jay 2 tickets

thought trey liked jay two
only the box office said
we only have Z


mr. mishuginah take five

he played dave brubeck
downstairs while i was upstairs
long black evening gown

before the jazz club
every friday and saturday
jazz precedes jazz

take five and take five
and then the band would take five
still favorite song

when was the last time
you changed the AC filter
he said what is that

i said your whole life
you’ve never seen your mother
or father change one?

he always said
we are going to the library
and check this out

we will not argue
whenever i say dumb things
go to library

not once did we go
this time we went to the store
hundreds of filters

this is why i had the flu
he now has asthma


bubble wrap him for hanukkah

one year i gave him
twenty seven presents
mr. mishuginah

think it may have been
twenty seven pairs of socks
plus seven presents

one for every night
all of his socks had big holes
he liked it that way?

every week i shopped
tj maxx and other stores
most beautiful socks

ocd shopping
ocd with his big holes
every mall d.c.

cannot remember
any of the other gifts
except for these two

one wasn’t a gift
this is the best gift ever
popping bubble wrap

every day for a month
he popped his bubble wrap
and said he loved it

and when it ran out
probably put me on a plane
in the lightning


Across The Potomac

when their children leave
spend much time dressing dogs
adorable outfits

five layer chocolate
champagne puppy birthday parties
all above board

more time for naming
good names like lieutenant
colonel oliver north

who has a hat
like the fisherman on your
frozen tv dinner

working puppy
volunteers at hospitals
making people happy

have time for making wills
i’m the colonel’s aunt
you can call him ollie