charismatic sociopath haiku ? not, part II

stabbing back while smiles

captivating prey over years

beautiful words.

you have never seen a sociopath until you meet a charismatic sociopath.this is not going to be funny. i have a million silly haiku, but every day i read wordpess and think of all the things i should type, but it’s too much typing and not funny, so if you are not one of 4 people here, who have a need to learn about sociopaths. stop reading now.

not going to write a lot about charismatic sociopaths today, just a short summary, so you know what to look for and not let happen to you.everyday sociopaths are a dime a dozen,or 4 in 100 can watch them 24 hours a day on court tv, hawaii bing bough, law and order, ncis, scandal,last resort, blue bloods, orlando …watch a senator or david koresh or anyone who charms a group of people and stay away from them. they may be a sociopath. they know how to say what you want to hear: their gift is reading you.the most intelligent thing i have ever said is: i wish i had their nerves. nothing bothers them. the judge tells them, they are guilty of murder and not one muscle moves, usually.there are a few who appear upset at this one time in their life.

the charismatic one plans over many years.he pretends to be gomer pyle and says no , what do you want to do lou ann….no, what do you want to do gomer, so he gives you a choice. do you want to go shoppping for the office or say shopping, so he pulls in front of a car , going 90 mph ,for the second time ,that year on your side and tries to kill you.for almost 10 years you think, you should have said fishing, until you see that scott peterson had the exact same boat and your charismatic husband tells you he bought a gun, to protect you from snakes fishing and he never used it , so why was it under the bed, if for snakes. you live in a nice neighborhood. it wasn’t for that and being a jew ,i can say i’ve never seen a jew with a gun.

if someone says i want to protect you from snakes, be afraid that he is the snake.if someone says i brought you these towels because they are soft and those are not for your delicate skin. run. if you find all of the cans lined up in alphabetical order or the towels perfectly even like in sleeping with the enemy ,run.they may just have ocd, but don’t take the chance.

if you don’t run, 20 years later, just when you almost think it’s safe to go back in the water, they figure out a new way to ruin your life and file a lawsuit against you even though you were divorced 20 years ago and a kosher crab will bite your toe.