siberian husky loves jazz too II haiku


fly me to the moon
somewhere over the rainbow
also behind you

if someone asks you
to repopulate the moon
the least you can do

fly me to the moon
vegas for belgian waffles

siberian dog
here again for the live jazz
just like last friday

parked on your golf cart
watching the sun in the clouds
three ladies photos

husky is husky
enjoying the atmosphere
loves rubbing his ears

day trader by day
sax maniac by evening
moon shines high above

we’re in a new york
state of mind even though we’re
south carolina

never before heard
ipanema of jobim
last sinatra notes

suddenly a dream
chlorine affect’s ones hearing
answer lies on moon


albert the dachshund loves yoghurt

cute little dachshund
going potty on beach chairs
mother gives free reign

allowing him to
do whatever he wants to
kisses my fingers

and he was standing
right next to my pink flip flops
thank-you for finding

dog cannot tell time
he’s half an hour early
allowed after five

your secret is safe
mother likes to break the rules
an unwritten law

“if you know albert
like i know albert oh oh
oh what a dachshund”

speaking queen’s english
enjoys his parent’s yoghurt
and a good figure


teddy toddler turtle and elevator dog haiku



walking on the bridge
teddy bear toddler on leash
daddy other end

then you see they’re twins
mother walking teddy too
then small dog walks by

on his mother’s leash
tiny toddler’s tiny dog
daddy turns around

end of the boardwalk
“feel like i’m walking a dog”
that’s what it looks like

you’re walking two dogs
and two dogs passing also
next a dalmation

taller than children
holding a giant turtle
men under the bridge

searching for something
forever home for turtle
finding in the surf

he didn’t belong
home of turtles and ducklings
pointing to the pond

a very long walk
for both man and the turtle
they tell you thank-you

you tell them thank-you
turtle bobbing in the surf
now he’s back to life

he’s on holiday
people usually bring bread
he will be happy

mother and jaden
jogging by me with haiku
two hours later

“hello again it
turned out to be a nice day
i am so happy”

from two poems ago
both wave while jogging by surf
changing directions

elevator dog
father explains etiquette
tells him look to left

he doesn’t listen
looking to the right at me
wagging his cute tail

rub his ears three floors
neither of us listen to
smiling dog parents


keep the piano , lose the g string haiku


could you imagine
a world where country music
would not bother you

even the blue sea
palm trees swaying in the breeze
child’s laughter in pool

hot dogs getting tans
chatter from the tiki bar
lying in the sun

white poodle pooling
has he seen a pool before
dog is not impressed

how did she carry
a piano up the stairs
helicopter lands

“my love deep blue sea”
sounds sounding much better now
“you love to love her”

“will you ever win
she will promise you heaven
would you ever try”

mellow month of may
having never had one day
for rich or for poor

i just wrote mellow
and then she started singing
“i feel the earth move”

de de de de dah
a new bird morse code signal
haven’t translation


Penny puppy ponytail haiku


penny the shih tzu
enjoys alliteration
hot pink pony tail

she is so tiny
stops and asks you to pat her

ringo rides wreckelss
suctioned to passenger seat
where his talent lies

how he is searching
bridge over the oyster kwai
low tide below him

watching schools of fish
flowing clear water dances
shark separating

sometimes you have to
call the truant officer
when a shark gets stuck

forgetting who’s called
but truant officer fits
separates from school

don’t like shark in school
because that means at least two
times biting power


from ringo the sea dog to stewie haiku


passenger ringo
he doesn’t wear a seat belt
slippery golf cart

how does he do this
i am constantly sliding
holding onto seat

high flying white kite
tail jiggling heebie jeebie
herbie hancock kite

baby on shoulder
woofs holding onto mommie
thinks he’s a baby

drove to mc donald’s
to pick up a midnight snack
no dog home alone

remember stewie
Family Guy left him home
went on vacation

job at mc donald’s
he ate all the hamburgers
so they fired him


elephants do not belong on chests , snuggies belong on dogs haiku

deserted lawn chair
when no one is sitting here
what sights do you see

he likes commercial
elephant sitting on chest
inhale aversion

cannot think of one
single commercial i like
deceptive fibbing

is anything ever
as wonderful as they say

remember k-tel
own the tea cup of our queen
a nice chia pet

always buy presents
for dog nieces and nephews
we aren’t related

the blanket for dogs
buying all the store had
for puppies to snuggle

inexpensive gift
walgreens had too many left
only three dollars

cold in the shadows
behind vast palmetto flag
white cloud sun hiding

“love in the shadows
got to put your faith in things
when the sun goes down”

Neal Sedaka
Love in the Shadows


dolphin du soleil

waddling high vertex
lone mallard secret service
follows next to edge

twinkling midnight blue
sea so calm only one wave
smooth dots glistening

three dolphin heave to
now four playing front row view
stay here forever

thought you heard a seal
for a long time at the pool
now you see a dog

on his father’s leash
not familiar with the sea
sits on his blanket

he does not know yet
barking and pacing will not
stop the ocean’s wave

Rich Little of seals
he’s so fun to watch but not
as much as dolphin

need eyes on both sides
dolphin twirling having fun
dolphin du soliel


pink pampas poodle

light pink pampas
oysters rockerfellering themselves
under the bridge

one man in the crowd
wearing black bikini while
kicking round green ball

parallel to sea
all the way to ocean’s creek
his ball boomerangs

when finally meet
still playing boomerang
thirty minutes later

dogs love october
walking and wagging all day
no waiting til five

walking their parents
backseat drivers in golf carts
sipping in the sea

annie the poodle
almost on her way home
jumps out of her golf cart

wanted to say hi
her mother saying she knows
only met three times

poodle translation
would you like to ride home with me
in my golf cart


dog day dachshund summer evening

in his mother’s arms
telling me that he missed me
we were nose to nose

ringo dachshund tries
unzipping cooler with nose
laughing makes him stop

then, under the chair
pulling ties to bikini
tickles me again

coppertone dachshund
a dog of many talents
father lets leash go

as his first talent
he can go on letterman
stupid pet tricks

unzipping coolers
they would pay him the big bucks
no bikini pay

almost september
boscoe walks to beach so he
can ride home with me

dogs not unlike child
enjoy riding in golf carts
can tell by their tail

owns his own golf cart
still delights in riding tram
his mother says so