siberian husky loves jazz too II haiku


fly me to the moon
somewhere over the rainbow
also behind you

if someone asks you
to repopulate the moon
the least you can do

fly me to the moon
vegas for belgian waffles

siberian dog
here again for the live jazz
just like last friday

parked on your golf cart
watching the sun in the clouds
three ladies photos

husky is husky
enjoying the atmosphere
loves rubbing his ears

day trader by day
sax maniac by evening
moon shines high above

we’re in a new york
state of mind even though we’re
south carolina

never before heard
ipanema of jobim
last sinatra notes

suddenly a dream
chlorine affect’s ones hearing
answer lies on moon


raised in a sandbox haiku

from ipanema
jobim flows through the boardwalk
you were walking by

ending as toe steps
you’re the only one clapping
turns around and smiles

sillies at the pool
apparently raised by wolves
radio blasting

two clueless women
i don’t have the glare for this
thirty more minutes

then they turn it off
wishing i was someone who
throws it in the pool

as you’re walking by
the girl from ipanema
to the lifeguard stand

just as you come back
a very very long song
because you walk slow

the sun in your eyes
cereal box covers eyes
other side rent me

6:30 sunshine
turning their music back on
four imbibers now

why turn it back on
of course it’s country music
really not the point

just two dumb couples
guy tries to stand on his head
attempt on chaise lounge

he rolls over now
landing on the ground laughing
not a fond farewell

apparently true
that alcohol will stop one
from hurting himself