who do you think you are talking to haiku

duck says YOU get out
lady yelling at mallard
get out of the pool

she was going home
why did your noodle splash down
learn to share with duck

raspberries , perfume
two o’ clock and thirty feet
gentleman with oil

hair color for men
how does the dye know that you
are not a woman

sitting on pool steps
chewing chocolate candy

vapors from his pipe
bongo bong break all the rules
they do as they please



shades of the sea haiku


cardinal rules
host and hostess of the pool
duck at other end

darling come sit here
dining room table movies
when tables are long

little bird join me
have our detangling party
you can build a nest

please go fly a kite
i’m not the welcome wagon
bumper stickers stalk

war on poverty
do something good with your life
war on poetry

beautiful shades
put these in your crayon box
colors of the sea


duck demands deviled crab haiku

born on bay of pigs
even though she was kosher

oyster searching duck
blintzes with blueberries sign
coming this sunday

duck is upside down
under the water air tail
where deviled crabs hide

downward facing duck
no breathing in the inlet
scuba diver duck

secret agent ducks
waddling down the sidewalk
fed you last hour

bright green grass seed snack
mr. and mrs. mallard
earth day pair coupling

southern accents hide
kentucky bourbon inside
beneath wind currents

bought seven follows
for fifteen hundred dollars
letterman says no

they aren’t real people
perhaps zombie vampires
kaptain kangaroo


earth day duck beach pool haiku

a woman laughing
she sounds just like a duck
highest balcony

please look to your right
pierre floating in six feet
get off of the rope

phrase you never stop hearing
pierre loves the rope

one man lies in sun
pierre swimming by himself
earth day everyone

for thirty minutes
in the middle of the pool
owning each april

boss of all bosses
even man with hamburgers
does not disturb duck

secret service ducks
having a very hard time
wind blows bread far right

one in every crowd
although he is by himself
he loves his chlorine

temperature rises
seventy six five p m
seventy three day

duck is deep in thought
maybe writing a haiku
fast moving water

how does duck stay still
when the current is so strong
blue shining ripples

he has crossed the rope
heading straight for the ladder
sipping the chlorine

sitting on the rope
little bit ocd duck
back and forth he goes

he’s swimming around
the octagonal edges
and then duck jumps out

give him nine point nine
his happy tail is wagging
trying to dry off

remember last year
as soon as he was dry, man
walks by , jumps back in


music soothes his soul


wrestler with tattoo
when he pulled stick from mouth
was so very happy

preparing to run
instead yellow lollipop
wasn’t cigarette

breath giving duck pond
finest wind you’ll ever meet
never lets you down

bobble head my friend
“hot stuff baby this evenin”
appearing all year

bird landed beside
he didn’t even frighten
they are true friends now

thrash flies away
lizard comes to show us dancing
floor show you can’t miss

ducks live
where tropical winds delight
every fiber of your being

who invented this
greatest architect on earth
between the towers

saltwater fish duck
when bread crumbs fly overhead
ducklings with mothers

tram drives by ducklings
“it’s a small world after all”
like you’re at disney

people think i’m here
for their entertainment
but there’s no cover charge

talk to you constantly
so you cannot write
make you forget haiku


hawaii and duck sauce


don’t want to see
tsunami coming eli
“me don’t wanna go home”

mrs. mallard flies
over your head to hear
jolene jolene jolene

why i have no idea
every sound sounds exactly
the same as rest

walk in the ocean
not even for hushpuppy
tolerate country

on no other nights
have ducks come to listen
below the restaurant

tuesday nights superb
if you don’t like “new york new york”
duck has no taste

would you like duck sauce
tomorrow i will bring you some
for your egg roll

thank goodness for leis
hawaiian dancers next door
drowning out jolene


feeding kisses


seven ducklings
underneath their mother
trying to keep warm

what it’s eighty six
are you quite certain
tells his friend she will pluck you

mom flaps her wings
like some kind of vampire duck
stand perfectly still

i back away
but ducklings keep following
running away from tram

a terror on wheels
i run from her too
crawling back under mother

except for seventh
searching for truffles in grass?
thinks he’s a piglet

crow just landed next
making me forget or bringing
bad luck to me

yes he brought bad luck
and i just found a large check
under the doormat

could buy two condos
living expenses six years
until cowboy hat

grabs a chair ten feet
to the right pulls out a smoke
wind is blowing right

thinking it’s alright
cannot quit coughing though
realize man on the left

then a giant bee
lands on the chair by my toes
two minutes later

tiny tweeting flies
three inches from my face
almost hit sunglasses