Duckie Bad Hair Day


feathers in the grass
cool wind is blowing hard
ducks lost their attire

forgotten cheez its
another flaw in their day
along with bad hair

hope you grow back fast
or you will need to become
coppertone duckies

in his mouth a rod
he holds this like a cigar
tragic beating heart

why is he chewing
now his wife has one too
oh heavenly pretzel

you fooled this fools eyes
also her heart of drumbeats
summon peaceful sea

tranquil quiet winds
listen to frolicking waves
symphony of seas


Pierre Squawks Jacuzzi Listens

and the skies grew dark
to the left and behind
then bulls started running

tower pool calling
come let me dry your sunglasses
closest indoor

this is heaven
where have you been all my life
solid glass oceanfront

while peering outside
two guys say i wouldn’t
i had no intention

indoor outdoor pool
days indoor pools are made for
playing with shadows

flying formation
flapping wings 1 2 3 4
follow simon’s lead

distantly sun set
one hundred percent rain stops
fog blends into cloud

delightful two hours
pierre can be heard squawking
over jacuzzi

when rain turns to mist
you find out what all this
commotion is about

puddle with twelve ducks
acting like wally cleaver
eleven in next

third puddle six ducklings
playing with their mother
walking through all three

what is this thrill
you have immense breathtaking pond
thrilling freshwater?


why am i so silly

if i had a bath tub, you would be
a lucky peeking duck.

but since i am a vegetarian ,
you are a lucky peking duck.

if i played the violin, you would be my muse.

oh wait i do.

if i spell hamantaschen with a ham,
doesn’t it become an unkosher pastry.

if i was sad ,
you would be my happiness.

but if you were country music,
i would find a new muse.