the orlando peeping burglar is still breaking inside homes

they caught him june the 15th, but had to let him go, because the laws are made for the criminals. now he is breaking inside and touching women. i don’t know if it is called breaking in, when he gets inside unlocked windows and doors.who in the world, in the year 2012,  leaves their doors unlocked,especially in orlando? july 3 , he broke in and a 19 year old pregnant woman awoke to find him touching her back.he has been running around for at least 3 weeks terrorizing women. in east orlando.

The Orlando Peeping Burglar , june 15 – 23

on june fifteenth,, last week they had the peeper and let him go. i wrote, i couldn’t believe this and of course he would keep doing this, but i had no idea, he would try again , so soon. he hasn’t taken a break. on, wftv tonight, they are showing his sketch artist drawing…when people catch him, trying to break in, he is so bold, he stops and has conversations , with his victims.the first woman, who saw him looking into her bedroom identified the sketch as him.i’m guessing the police told the sketch artist, what this guy looked like.he has broken  into several homes.that’s the term channel 6 used, but they rattled off a list of communities he attacked.he strikes between 4 ;00 am and 5:00 am.

speaking of attacked: bears are still roaming the streets. yesterday, two black bears were caught ,on camera fighting in someone’s yard.people were making up their own stories again, about fighting over women and things like this… they are being taken off the endangered list. i lost track of how many bears have been seen in orlando, in the last few it safe to walk outside safe from bears?i know it isn’t safe from crime.