lizard loves elvis , i love yankees


they aren’t bashful
so adorable when they speak
pop and fresh dough squeeze

hiring a third guy
they’re driving from nine to nine
doesn’t stop to look

what are stop signs for
he doesn’t show up three times
the first week for work

seventy years old
has to drive for twelve hours
but she enjoys work

last week a rain storm
waited forty five minutes
then began swimming

appearing he’d wrecked
in the grass at pool entrance
next to my condo

quiet new jersey
mother of three yelled at him
to “wake the _ _ _ _ up”

“and take us home”
you can pull out in front of cars
but you cannot sleep

and the line was drawn
thought they would let him do
whatever he wanted

my lizard is back
came out to hear “all shook up”
so perfectly still

birds fly next to him
listening on top of rail
really loves elvis

ran up to see me
“let me be your teddy bear”
“and i love you so”

1 2 3 4 5
tiny birds landing seconds
uncle marvin gaye


round round baby


spinning his wife
while she floats in the pool
kissing her pregnant belly

betting no one
has uttered these words before
while in their bikini

everyone has left
elvis has left the building
he was here last night

last name is elvis
and he sings just like elvis
even “blue suede shoes”

if you change your name
to sleeping beauty can you sleep
one hundred years

have decided
all presidents are narcissists
unfeeling people

you lost me when you said
things have always happened
social media

you’re supposed to stop
bad things from happening
that’s why you’re president

evil not a state
should have been blown out of this world
long time ago

no excuse
internet should have made that easier
CIA told