Craigslist Scams /florida hotel tales

what are the odds? the very first time, you ever look at craigslist, the first thing you find is  a scam.the price wasn’t low, it just happened to be a new condo, to rent.this man said he was a missionary in another the end he would send the keys , after you sent him money, but he was never going to send the keys.he probably wasn’t even a man, and didn’t own the condo.

now there is a note that says beware of people , who are out of the country.tonight i see people in myrtle beach ,on craigslist have issued there own warnings, in ads, about this same thing. one lady was going to move there with her little girl and lost three months of rent, to a woman who said she was a missionary.if anything sounds too good to be true, it is.i knew there was something wrong with that man, because he was telling me about a floor that didn’t took a person from russia, to tell me it was a scam.he wanted me to leave , at christmas for some reason, maybe to rent it to someone else and steal more myrtle beach , some people take pictures from real listings and pretend they own them, and lower the price. i wish i hadn’t just heard this, because  i believed ocean front  condo /575.00  a month was real, when the resort sells it for 1360.00 a month.

Terry Guerrier 1 800 423 TIPS

Terry Guerrier did not live to celebrate his 27th birthday, so family and friends used this day to try, to get information on his murder. OPD gave out flyers. if anyone has information about the march 4th shooting , after leaving club LAX, please call crimeline at 1 800 423- TIPS. a 5000.00 reward is being offered.

Who knows about politics?Florida Mitt Romney commercial

i don’t know anything about politics, but i do know about liars.this commercial has been coming on in florida, all day every day.i found out they only play it in certain states, apparently states where they think people are stupid. first of all how long do we have to listen to these stupid commercials.i am not a fan of liars. all i need to know is that david letterman sums in up don’t need to know anything else about a person, who puts a dog on top of his car , to travel for a vacation. at the very least they are a narcissist, who has no regard for life, or they are an idiot..the late show makes this point every few days and even had a historian on, to tell the entire story.but, back to the commercial. why in the world would hillary clinton  , a democrat, who works for our president be in a clip for a romney commercial. i thought it was a joke, but i was horrified the first day.the first thought was can’t she sue romney . how can he use her, without her obvious permission.again our laws are made for the criminals, because the commercial has aired for weeks.i looked this up, because i fall out of the chair from shock, every time it comes on   and it says this was from 2008, when she was running against obama. that is exactly what i thought it was and if i can figure that out, everyone can. how can they use this? and romney says: i approve this he has a new commercial in which he calls someone else a liar. what is he? i hate politics.

Florida Hotel Tales

It seems like friday the 13th, in universal orlando today.oh look another black bear, 30 feet from someone’s front door today.something tells me they should have been taken off the endangered list, quite some time is not a good day for breathing in universal orlando. first the chef decided to add something new to the pasta- balsamic glaze, and vinegar and i are not friends.then this woman asked if she could pray for me.apparently that means more than a simple prayer.another seminar in town…it involves touching and changing your religion.then , i had an asthma attack , from the smoke on a man’s, after a few hours,i realize i need air, so i stop inside burger king and they had just cleaned and when you open the ladies room, chemicals knock your head off, so i went to walgreen’s and they have what looks like toxic black mold in the vent ,on the ceiling, in the ladies room .the pharmacist had already gone home, so he couldn’t ask “what biotoxins have we gotten into today”. and i couldn’t tell, i go back to the hotel and a man was standing in front of the entrance smoking…in front of both entrances. and this is where i started.after he left, i turned the stove on , something was burning, so i quickly turn it off , but that  doesn’t matter. it will stay in the room  for 8 hours, or longer.

i was away ,for only 10 minutes, to find a new burner for the stove, when the  Stefano’s pizza flyer criminals decided to hit. the pizza flyer MAFIA  are still using the same names that they did last week:  1 stefano’s,  3 romanos and 3 genova .

Universal Orlando Hotel Tales:They’re Back

Yesterday, just when i was thinking,i was glad i was still here, because some people in northern virginia haven’t had electricity for 12 days, i dropped and stepped on my glasses .there was a hole in one side, but universal orlando waiters are so talented,today, they  know how to pop the glass back into the frame.

Then just when you think it’s safe,the Avatar incompassionate Compassion manipulators come back.they prey on people who really have learning disabilities and other nice people,people who are poor and cannot afford to give them money, but do anyway.they are remorseless, have no pity or tenderness. they are the opposite of compassion and good actors.if someone gives you an Avatar card , your first clue to run will be when you read  that they speak to aliens, not from other countries, but from outer space.the leader was a scientologist, but found a different way to make money, for himself..

Their favorite hotel for seminars  and preying is the universal orlando doubletree hilton. one day, something bad will happen and the victim  will probably sue the universal orlando doubletree hilton

Thomas Lopez does not want his lifeguard job back at Hillandale Beach

Thomas Lopez and the other lifeguards, Travis Madrid and Zoard Jenko ,who were fired do not want their jobs back, even though Ellis plans on making the offers.Jeff Ellis told the sun sentinel ” i am of the opinion, the supervisors acted hastily”.Szilard Jenko quit in protest. a childhood friend, of lopez, Shane Wilcox, is acting as spokesperson, because the story is getting so much least jeff ellis is doing the right thing, but is he doing this because it is right or because he doesn’t want to lose his contract with hillandale beach?

in other news today a crossdressing maid, Vanessa Olmos,at an Orlando days inn hotel ,on international drive is  being accused of inappropriately touching a teenage boy, july 4th .i believe this is  in the universal orlando area. channel 9 said vanessa’s real name is Chris.several months ago, a teenage boy attacked a maid , when she tried to clean his room.i’m thinking parents should not leave children in the rooms alone.

The Universal Orlando’s Illegal ,Criminal Pizza Flyer Mafia

i’m going to keep writing about this, to warn people, who come to isn’t just in orlando.disney warned people not to order , but only because they steal your credit card and charge 100’s or 1000’s of dollars and ruin your know what else ruins your vacation: salmonella if they actually send a pizza made by tony soprano in his basement,or big louie breaking into your car or room,or fatz attacking your wife,or the horrible sound of the flyers shoved under your door almost every day for 7 months…..this is new: wednesday and thursday, they started coming later at night, after 11:00 pm.yesterday, at 2 pm ,i noticed a police car outside the room until 11;30 last night. i was hoping there was a pizza flyer mafia sting.this problem was of “epidemic proportions” a year and a half ago, in  usa today and orlando sentinel articles and one representative tried to say it’s part of organized,the florida mafia is into pizza, car wrecks and pain clinics…

one guy almost ran into me and he was so sweet,i knew something was wrong,so i walked past the room, just like they had shown on the news the day before, when a man was hit in the head at 2 pm in his own driveway and carjacked. they said if something is fishy drive past your house. then i saw him throw flyers down the hall. then , later,i was by the door, when whoosh, so i threw the door open and a young blond and a guy in his fifties were bending over sliding flyers under a door, ( i guess they were new) and he goes “hey how you doin”.

there are websites with the flyer FAKE names, where people complain.everything there is a complaint. they use fake names and fake addresses and recycle the names. they must change phone numbers every few days and they must steal a lot of money.every complaint says the pizza is horrible , disgusting….one man wrote his wife ordered manicotti  and there was crabmeat on top. a lot of people write they call and complain about the taste of the 30.00 pizza and that is the least of their troubles, but  the person who answers always yells at them and never offers to give the money back.imagine that. these are illegal flyers from the past 2 days :Genova pizza, Romanos pizza and Joe’s pizza. domino’s and pizza hut are always okay to order and if a company is legitimate, his flyers will be at the front desk.

no one warns most guests about the dangers.they have signs about car thieves, but don’t say these people are in your halls every night delivering flyers.the universal hilton doubletree has a tv screen that says not to order, because they are not made in the building.big deal , that just sounds like you want people only to order your pizza,which by the way is not very good .

Hotel Tales with sinkholes and other freak accidents?

sinkholes swallow morning,a woman went outside and came back inside, telling her husband there was a big hole in the yard.he said an animal probably made the hole, until he looked outside.even though it happened in central florida,it was on the national news.thursday ,one channel said there are now about 50 sinkholes, another said there are, they are showing a sinkhole,so large,15 dump trucks can fit inside…..yesterday, they showed a poor horse, who had been trapped inside another sinkhole, but his family googled how to get a horse out of a sinkhole, so he will be’s like the movie broken arrow.i don’t know what’s worse the fact that it happens so often there is a word for broken arrow or you can google how to get a horse out of a sinkhole because it must happen often.

remember , the boat races, when 3 people died in 2 days.a few weeks ago a boat just flew apart in the water for no reason and more people were badly hurt.

a plane crashed into the roof of publix and everyone survived, until the end of may, when the pilot died, kim presbrey, from multiple injuries and 3rd degree burns.publix just reopened  and that’s news ,on the news, but they didn’t even mention that the pilot,who was worried about the customers, in the shape he was in , had died.

tonight , they are saying there are some type of deadly ameobas in the water, in freshwater lakes and ponds that go through your nose into the brain, so you can’t  go swimming, or you shouldn’t according to health officials.they actually said use a nose plug , on the news.what? isn’t the amoeba , naegleria fowleri ,going to go into your mouth,if you do that? what mishegas will be next.

Homeless in Orlando

a mother and daughter sat outside the hotel from 12- 9 pm last night.they would not take any food.i tried to give them water and food three times, yesterday.i wrote the names and addresses and phone numbers of 6 shelters for women in orlando and hotline numbers, but she would not take this. she said she was aware of them.they take their luggage to the universal trolley stop and sit there , then they sit in front of the hotel.she told me she found a phone to borrow, but she will not take any help.i don’t know what to do?apparently this has been going on, since monday.

Universal Orlando Silly Hotel Tales

when mr. and mrs. mallard come back from las  vegas, i hope they bring me a t shirt and belgian waffles.there is what looks like a rooster and a gray duck, who had four baby ducks, two are gray and two look , also,  like roosters.they have that red beard like the cartoon and walk around on the grass.i don’t think it’s possible, but that’s what they appear to be.

yesterday, someone asked if i had a lighter. i am the last person on earth, who would have a lighter. today, someone asked if they could borrow my cell phone. they probably could have asked anyone else here and they would have had a cell phone.

mindy was waiting for her husband to pick her up from a long day of cleaning  and she told me she had 8 children, 7 live with her and 4 grandchildren. six months ago, habitat for humanity built her a house , in orlando. there is a fire alarm, that talks to her a lot. it says there is a fire, sometimes and wakes her up, but thank goodness there is no fire.

aciidentally, i found out who was homeless, the other day and needed a hotel room.maybe the fbi should hire me, because i am always in the wrong place, at the wrong time, or the right time.i had a cab driver in s.c. who  said we should work for the cia. no one would ever know.he used to call me miss daisy.he was in the movie, three men and a baby.once , don johnson came to charleston to make a movie and mr. e did not get along , with him, so in the end he gave don johnson his card and fifty cents and said , “next time you need a cab, don’t call this number”.