kimberly dawn smith or casey anthony

i have never heard of her ,until today.apparently, she and the truth are not friends.if you look up liar in the dictionary and you don’t see misty croslin or casey anthony , you will find smith.

in  september of 2010 ,the body of goldie robinson 77, was found buried in smith’s yard and arthur sheldon 68 was found later in a trash can inside a sleeping bag, clloseby(.the. orlando sentinel and wesh have different ages , so i have no idea except that they were elderly) .elderly is what smith used to trap her prey.she has been in jail since 2010 for using their credit cards, stealing a lot more money than casey anthony did.she apponted herself caretaker, of seems,smith sent emails to sheldon’s relatives pretending they were married and he was alive.who is it that throws people away like trash. there was scott peterson, drew peterson, casey anthony and i think- misty croslin.i don’t understand why it would take almost  two years to say it was a homicide. you can’t hardly throw yourself away or bury yourself.

now, finally , may 7, 2012, the orlando sentinel states” their deaths are now ruled a homicide”. police are still investigating.they think arthur sheldon was strangled.

still,  in another story today, smith’s mind is working overtime,in jail she thought of another elaborate scheme and received 17,000 or 18,000 by getting her friend,mary mitchell,46, to pretend to be a lawyer and sold her fake services to another inmate.if she had only used that brain for good ,instead of evil….what kind of person ,instead of being afraid they are going to prison for double homicide any day,or at the very least knows they are in big trouble for all the money they took , commits more crimes while in lockup.(her pretend lawyer probably told smith, prior bad acts will not be allowed, but this is an after bad act).

Sanford , 28 minutes to Orlando

In broad daylight on march 25, in sanford,two adult  african american teens, 18 and 19 are said to have  hammered in the head repeatedly and pulled a caucasian man , 50, from his car . they were witnessed by neighbors, who called 911 and the fingerprints  of Julius Bender and Yahaziel Israel were found in the car they abandoned shortly after this attempted murder.even though they were seen, they dragged the man into the woods and kept hitting him in the head with the hammer.this man is on life support  at ORMC , orlando regional medical center.

at 7;30 tonight, a small plane crashed into an orlando publix and caught on fire. the pilot and co pilot also are at ORMC. at least 3 others, thought to be shopping were sent to hospitals. although on their way home from work drs and nurses turned around and went back to the hospital, not knowing how many people are injured.