Florida Hotal Tales

tuesday, 4;45 pm, i tried to ask joely to send a 12 page fax.. one of the pages  from 3 different departments of the IRS was stuck in the machine, so i asked joely if she could hand feed each page.that that is how amie and caylee do this. she ignored me….then, it seemed like millions of people checked in and i waited to tell her, that she sent 4 pages and then she apparently knew something was wrong and sent 6 pages… one couple checked in, went to the room with luggage , left and came back from chick fil a and the grocery store and i was still waiting to send the fax… when i showed her the confirmations, she said it said ok…yes for 6 pages or 4 pages, but there are 12 pages…she said oh , so it didn’t send 2.i asked her which 2?there was no answer. but before this happened. everyone had left. it was my turn and only 6;30 pm this only took 1 hour and 45 minutes.i stood up to get help and this man was stuck in the door with the luggage cart. i knew if i helped him, she was going to leave, b/c that’s what she does best, but i helped the man  for one minute and she left, so i rang the bell. she was sitting behind the corner again and said just one minute. that’s when the oh, so only 2 pages are missing exchange happened.

this man sat down next to me and told me about fishing in atlanta, after an hour ,i realized he was the man who worked with the 2 guys from n.c., who had seen the universal orlando alligator last week.monday night ,the mother of a cute little dog named indiana jones said a woman and child were waiting all day to get a hotel room, when one of these fisherman from n.c. paid for the room and told the manager, not to give him credit. it was very kind.if i didn’t have so much troulble with joely faxing , i wouldn’t know these things.

yesterday at noon, i woke up and there was an obstruction in the window or i was having a nightmare. the word PURGE was outside my window, so i got up and it was a two story sign,on a truck,with a picture of mitt romney and the governor not affiliated with any political party and a man hammering, who woke me. amie told me this man had been thrown out of disney, b/c of this sign and they gave him a trespassing citation. he cannot return to disney for a year.someone was probably shooting someone in broad daylight , as usual here and instead of finding the killer, they are doing stupid things like this.

today, this lady who looked like mrs. obama , with a baseball cap,came out of the ladies room, and looked like she had just scrubbed for surgery or her nails were wet and she said “just doing the not touching the door thing” and we laughed.then my favorite person who just became a universal restaurant manager and  my best friend zaria sat down at my table and laughed at me, b/c there was a big sign sunday that said bring the manager back and they knew i had written this on the restaurant survey. they brought her back sunday, so it had nothing to do with me, but they fought it was funny.

universal orlando fishing

in seven months,i have never seen anyone catch a fish.there is a beautiful pond with  my baby ducks , mr.and mrs. mallard, cranes ,  and turtles. sometimes people sit there for hours. most stand . today two men from north carolina said they walked around the pond and tried everything,live bait, store -bought-lures and they are going to try again tomorrow. they did see bass and their friend saw an alligator. i knew there might be alligators, and that’s why i always stay on the grass in the middle of the road.they recently built a sidewalk,but the gras is as high as your belly button. you do not want to meet whatever lives in that grass.

yesterday they found another bear in downtown orlando.i think that makes 3 in a month.they shoot into the tree in the downtown jungle and at least this time theyused a trampoline type net to catch the tranquilized ,sleepy bybaby.

but please leave your semi automatic weapons at home.there are new signs on reataurants asking you not to bring weapons inside.logic should tell you that. and the people who would bring them inside,don’t obey laws.

Universal Orlando planes

there is a plane flying back and forth over universal hotels pulling a sign that says: warning homophobes lose in orlando protect your children. that’s what i thought it said . the orlando sentinel says in a story today that 3 different groups will be paying planes for these signs this weekend.it also said one group is trying to raise 1200.00 for a sign that says warning homophobes loose in orlando, hide your kids.whatever the signs say, children will stop to ask their parents, what the sign means.it isn’t your parents myrtle beach anymore. i remember when they advertised things like coppertone or which restaurants to eat at ,on the beach ,at myrtle beach.

And a snake

mr. and mrs. mallard brought a mother and her 3 adorable teeny,baby ducks, to eat bread. the adults now think they are dogs or baseball players. they sit and try to catch the bread and when they miss, they bat the bread with their beaks.

also today a tourist from germany was bitten by a shark, in vero beach and she is in serious condition.the life guard said he thinks it’s a freak accident. why do they have red flags to close the beach , because of sharks? that reminds me of the movie broken arrow.

may 4th, in largo fla, a man was driving while intoxicated with his monkey, a wild monkey that he shouldn’t have and he had a suspended license.

yesterday on I 95 , there is film of a woman  driving a motorcycle 70 mph , with her monkey holding onto her back.apparently that is legal, even though the monkey had no helmet or seat belt, considered property….

in tallahassee, a wild panther kitten , of which there are 100- 170 in florida was hurt in a car accident and will eventually receive rehab at the tampa zoo.

orangutans in miami are learning how to use ipads. soon they will be able to tell their waitresses , what they want for lunch by pressing pictures of bananas or many other choices

and then there was a snake making s’s in the middle of the road.that’s when you realize, it’s time to go home.

Would Walt Disney be proud: Faellas

shocked for two days , that orlando is the skinhead capital of florida and they have been investigating this american front for two years.congratulations to the undercover.american front racists want to kill blacks and jews,they are stockpiling weapons, trying to develop ricin,have already murdered and commited hate crimes.they are terrorists. arrest warrants, will soon tell all the things they have done. they are still arresting people.

marcus and patricia faella have already bonded out on 500,000 bail.( correction wesh is saying marcus only had to post 5000.00 and his wife 500.00).(friday , may 11th patricias bond was revoked;it was a mistake and back to 500,000).he’s the leader.in court , they have 3 in cages, because they are so violent.if the court is afraid, with police there to protect them and cameras, why in he world would you let these people out around the public?the accused hate the government. do you not think, 4 minutes after the faellas were out of jail, friends didn’t bring them more ak 47’s?someone’s mother had a tshirt on that was either an american flag or confederate flag.she explained her son hates blacks and illegals , but he didn’t do anything…..whatever was on her shirt is ridiculous;american when she hates america or confederate means she is racist.she taught her son hatred.what year is this.someday, she will become the minority.

i was thinking,orlando, happiest place on earth.hard to believe they are here, even though there are many people running around every day here,killing people.then i remembered walt disney and his own personal views .maybe it makes sense that they are here.

wild kingdom part deux: another bear,another monkey and two alligators

in downtown orando, on sunday another black bear was tranquilized , so he can be taken away to the ocala national forest.someone interviewed ,possibly from fish and wildlife told a story of a mother bear who probably threw her baby out of the house, so she could mate.that sounds a lot  like casey anthony.

last week, al miller 75, of winter haven was golfing and attacked by a 9 foot alligator who grabbed his leg ,threw him on his back and tried to pull him into the water. his golfing friends held on , until the alligator released al.

thomas swiader, who moved to florida four months ago, was fishing in lake triplet,a few days ago, in a tiny kayak with his girlfriend’s tiny dog, Buffy, a yorkie .swiader had a camera on his helmet , when an alligator attacked.everyone is physically fine. he was not using live bait, but a fishing lure, so again someone said the alligator may have thought the kayak was a mate.after  this happened a reporter did the story from a tiny kayak ,in the lake and she heard alligators behind her.i don’t know why anyone ,other than ronald cummings or misty croslin, would do this after seeing what happened.

monday, in winter springs a possible rhesus masaque monkey was seen. it may be the same as the one spotted in casselberry and oviedo last week.every time his cover is blown on camera, he goes elsewhere.jeff haines took pictures, monday of the monkey eating an orange by his pool.they say not to touch any of these wild animals. there have been four cases of rabies ,since january.


Disney and another orlando officer stealing

February 6th ,officer glorivette garcia was caught on video stealing two bottles of wine after 2 am, after she was told it was too late to buy alcohol.she was fired.

today we find out orlando deputy Kirk Smuwara was relieved of pay pending an investigation. he was also caught on tape, at the happiest place on earth disney,in the disney hollywood studio’s parking lot, breaking into a car and stealing  money from children.i doubt he knew this, but every channel thinks this clever to say. he took a purse,that contained the wallet of two children and 55.00.Smuwara,40, former marine admits to taking the purse.

sheriff Demings had received tips and ordered a surveilance investigation. he has no idea how many times Smuwara may have robbed others.this is a sad week for disney.they lost, vicki satterfield , who was said to be murdered by her husband, kevin. she worked at disney for 20 years.kevin was found , 2 miles from new orleans ,late last night, in a hotel. the police called him, on the phone and he came out of the room.channel 6 , during the 7 pm news tells us, his mother said he called and said he was in virginia. he first told her, he was going to boston, to kill cumberland farms executives.

kevin satterfield florida plates M968JC

in kissimee florida, early tuesday satterfield shot his wife vicki of 25 years, his  21 year old daughter, who was 8 months pregnant and the father of his grandchild, who is dead. vicki died, also. his daughter is alive but in critical condition at orlando regional medical center and the baby was delivered.there were other people living in the home, who were spared;the daughter’s boyfriend’s x girlfriend and their 7 year old child.

satterfield called his mother after the murders and said he was going to boston, to kill executives at cumberland farms.he is thought to be in a red or burgundy jeep cherokee with florida license plates M968JC, and “possibly dangerous”,according to  twis lizasuain , the osceola county sheriff spokeswoman.yes, when you try to murder 4 people and succeed in killing two and you are on your way to murder more,and tell your mother you will not be taken alive,that is possibly dangerous. is that statement to protect yourself from being sued or something?or was it stated before they knew what he did?

there was another shooting a few days ago,where a robbery suspect from of all places,Boston,Marvin Jones 22 ,decided to hide out in daytona. he was shot 5 times , then told police they should have killed him, because he shot his pregnant wife, in the car,police found his pregnant , now paralyzed girlfriend, Aviana Bailey.police are not taking his word for shooting her.is that because he said wife , instead of girlfriend? but  now ,they are not sure if the police didn’t accidentally shoot her or if he really did.

so one crazy guy in florida shoots his pregnant daughter , and goes to boston to kill more people. and another crazy guy leaves boston for florida and  shoots his pregnant girlfriend, or says he shot her.is this how the universe evens out criminals.they will both probably end up in jail here ,if there is enough room .if a jury decides to convict them…

May 2, Satterfield was arrested late last night, without incident ,at a hotel ,2 miles, from new orleans.

Still dangerous to shop in the florida sunshine

tuesday in orange county , ocoee, 19 minutes from orlando,at west oaks mall,a woman with her  baby was walking to their car in the jc penney parking lot and a man threatened her with a stun gun.he told her to put the baby in the car. she screamed and he ran away.a witness thought he got  into a tan, ford explorer.he is said to be 5 ‘ 8″, african american and in his 20’s.

also, yesterday , also in daylight, also in a parking lot , the walmart parking lot,in west melbourne, 1 hour 14 minutes from orlando, two people circled a woman with a white minivan, while she was loading her car,took her purse and dragged her 100 feet, according to wesh. abc said 150 feet. the police have the car, but not the criminals.

these crimes are both on tape and so is the aftermath of the orlando dunkin donuts robbery.some guy thought he was being so smart pretending to be an auditor and stealing money from the register, but you never know, when a retired officer, with a gun, from new york will be enjoying a donut or coffee, when you decide to commit a crime. also you never know when the workers are just not going to put up with the daily robberies. at least one  customer filmed waiting for police to arrive after the capture. someone pulled the robber by his tie.another slapped him ,on top of his head. the policeman said don’t do that.he had his arm around the guy and you could see the gun in his other hand pointed toward the ground.

Universal Doubletree Hilton Carjacking

early this morning , three people at gunpoint took someone’s camaro ,in the parking lot of orlando’s universal doubletree hilton.five minutes later , with the lights off, running from police,they crashed the car into the house of an 80 year old woman, who is very upset.police found an abandoned white suv, they believe is tied to these crimes.had i known this , i don’t think i would have just walked through the hilton parking lot. it was either that or the sidewalk and thursday i saw a snake , in the mulch next to the sidewalk, so i will never, ever , go near that sidewalk again.

 just yesterday , mareya alvarado was killed on colonial drive, in their food truck, she and her husband had put their life savings into and the bullet hit the coworker’s finger as he tried to shove the robbers outside.today on east colonial drive , a man pretended to be an auditor at dunkin donuts and robbed the store.

this brilliant idea is being reported now. first time juvenile offenders will not be arrested, but they will instead get a ticket, because of overcrowding in the prisons.that is wonderful news to the sociopaths , who  already believe they can get away with anything.there aren’t enough people here getting away with “murder”.i wouldn’t be suprised if they did give juveniles a ticket for murder.there will be murders. maybe not the second time or the third time, but that will eventually happen.of course it will happen anyway, but this will cause more…does that mean someone like misty croslin can lie to the police about a murder investigation daily for a year and just get a ticket. oh wait she wasn’t even arrested ,or given a ticket,until she turned 18 for being a drug dealer. does that mean 3 teens , who try to to knock the door down to murder one of their foster parents  will only get a ticket?

in sanford , a few hours ago, the sanford commissioners decided not to accept the sheriff’s resignation 3 to 2; the same exact vote as the no confidence vote .